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A Legit Reason to Hate the Yankees


The Yanks have gone out and once again overpaid to get the top Free Agents. And people across the country and all over the web have been debating whether or not it’s good for baseball.

Yanks fans, like ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, say things like its great for baseball. People need a team to hate. And just look at attendance figures when the Yankees play on road.

Yankee fans its time to come back to reality. Here’s the number 1 reason those damn Yankees are so hated.

Inflated Salaries: Every Agent and player loves it when the Yankees go out and overpay guys. That means that they can now demand more money. They made Teixeira the highest paid 1st baseman in the game. That’s right they gave him nearly twice what Albert Pujols makes. Now Ryan Howard wants 18million in arbitration. It’s a trickle-down effect that happens every time the Yanks overpay some one. And what does that mean for fans outside of New York? Your Franchise now either has to increase their payroll or decide that they can no longer compete for the big players.  Yankee fans will say, “So what? Your team has to pay more money. They should.” The problem with that is when a team increases their payroll they also increase ticket prices. So let’s review the argument of increased attendance. If teams could afford to compete in the Free Agency market they’d have better teams and lower ticket prices which then would lead to higher attendance at every game.

Yanks fans will also point out that the Rays found a way to compete. I’m not going to go into this that in depth. But some teams find a way to win with a small payroll. But when it becomes time to resign their homegrown talent they can rarely afford to do so. So success doesn’t last long for these teams.

At this point Yankee fans will say well we haven’t even won a world series this century. That’s right you haven’t won a WS since the payroll went over $100mil for the first time in the history of baseball. That figure has now increased dramatically. And what do you know they are getting more of the same results. But the fact that they haven’t bought a ring yet doesn’t negate the negative impact they’ve had on the game of baseball. I’m going to end with this question.

Yankee fans how much is a seat in Yankee Stadium going to set you back this year?

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