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Steele’s Collegiate Career Over

The once highly touted Ronald Steele has elected to sit out the remainder of the season. It was originally reported that it was due to the foot injury plantar fasciitis. However it seems that there may have been other factors for Steele. At any rate Steele who missed the entire 07-08 season due to knee surgeries, was averaging 12.9ppg and 3.7Apg for the Crimson Tide this season.

According to Rolltide.com, head coach Mark Gottfried had this to say,”This is a very difficult time for Ron as his injuries have been very unfortunate and difficult for him. I’ll always be indebted to his contributions to our program and the University of Alabama and wish him the very best in his future endeavors.”

You here people bash players for leaving early for the NBA when they’re not ready. Here’s an example of a guy who was hurt by staying in college too long. At one point he was projected as a possible lottery pick. So this is a perfect example of why I have no problem with players going pro early. If NBA teams are dumb enough(Steele would have been a great pick so no GM would be stupid for taking him a few years back) to draft players who aren’t ready it’s their own fault. And if a kid is out of the league in a few years so what. He will have made millions of dollars and could pay for college on his own if he wants a degree. Could you imagine if Lebron James had been forced to play a year of college ball and he had torn his ACL. The age limit in the NBA is ridiculous.

The age limit had no impact on this kid so I’ve rambled off topic for long enough. So lets get back to Ronald Steele.

I feel bad for him. He had so much talent but injuries have just taken their toll on him. I really don’t blame him for saying enough is enough and moving on.

But on a positive note, Steele received his degree in financial planning back in December. So it was a great job on Steele’s part to take of his academics and get a valuable degree. He still have a very bright future ahead of him even without basketball.

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