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Random Tidbits

***If you find yourself at a televised basketball in Rhode Island(especially a Providence game) and you just happen to be on probation….don’t go onto the floor to confront a referee about a call or no-call that you disagree with. You just might find yourself behind bars without bail. full story

***If you’ve been in trouble with NCAA for recruiting violations at 1 school and then commit more violations at another school that was stupid enough to give you another chance….don’t cry out that you’re being treated unfairly when you’re banished from coaching for 5 years. full story

***In March if your favorite college basketball team doesn’t make the NCAA field of 65, the NIT field of 32 or the CBI field of 16 your season is over right?….Maybe not. There will soon be another tourney with a field of 16. full story

***Last but not least, if you find yourself getting caught up in the Kurt Warner vs. Big Ben Roethlisberger debate….just stop. Big Ben is better in the Steelers system. Warner is better in the Cardinals system. Period.

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