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A Shot of Jack v.2.5

LeBron Vs Kobe

Kobe went for 61 at the Garden Sunday. Very impressive. How could LeBron top that? How about 52pts, 11assists,  10 rebounds. Absolutely sick. I just saw on ESPN’s First Take that Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith both said Kobe’s performance was more impressive. Give me a break. They both said that Kobe was more exciting to watch. What the hell does have to do with who had the better performance. LeBron did it all. Kobe just went out there wanting to break the MSG scoring record. He finished  with 61 pts 3 asssists and Zero rebounds. 61 points does not compare to a triple-double while scoring 52. LeBron was a team player and Kobe wasn’t. Two amazing performances but there should be absolutely no debate about which performance was more impressive.

What a night in the ACC

#10 Clemson absolutely hammed #3 Duke 74-47 at Littlejohn Coliseum last night. Wow. All the questions about whether or not Clemson had reached the upper tier in the ACC have been answered. Clemson pushed the lead to 10 with 3:34 to go in the 1st half and never looked back. Clemson just simply outplayed Duke in every facet of the game. Wow! I think this Clemson team is without a doubt legit now. And is it just me or does Duke always seem to falter around this time of the year?

#6 Wake Forest went to Miami last night and also wound up on the wrong end of the beat down. Final Score: 79-52 Miami. I didn’t catch this game but it appears that Miami’s zone really disrupted Wake. And how about Jack McClinton(Yes the same guy that got ejected for slapping an Ohio State player) coming up big with 32 points. 11-19 from the field including 6-10 from 3pt range. McClinton is one hell of a shooter.

P.S. If anyone reads this that watched the game please let me know what type of zone Miami threw at them. All the articles I’ve seen only say Miami beat them with a zone. Come on sports journalists. What zone did they play? I mean honestly, what kind of sports journalist just says they played a zone?

The Race to win the ACC

After last night, UNC is now tied with Duke for 1st in the ACC. Both teams stand at 6-2. Clemson and BC are both 1/2 game out of first with records of 5-2 and 6-3. Wake and Va. Tech follow with records of 4-3. So it’s a very tight race. The UNC-Duke matchup next wednesdayat 8pm Central Time. Personally I can’t wait. I love these matchups. The only thing I hate is the fact that I’ve got to listen to 40minutes of Dick Vitale.

Side-Note: Why does ESPN force terrible commentators down our throat? I’m leave my rants on this subject for another day.

Other Top25 Games

Mizzou upset #17Texas 69-65. The Tigers are now 5-2 in the Big 12 and 19-4 overall. They just might be named Pub’s Most Suprising Team of the Year at the end of the season.

#14 Michigan St stuck it to #19 Minnesota 76-47. The Gophers fell to 6-4 in the Big10 and perhaps back to reality after a fantastic start to the year. Tom Izzo’s Spartans are holding on strong to the top spot in the Big10 with a 8-2 conference.It’s only a 1 game lead right now but I’d be very surprised if they don’t win this conference outright.

Time to get back to real life. So that’s all I’ve got for you today.

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