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A-Rod Steroid Use Confirmed?


Not surprisingly a report by Sports Illustrated has stated that Alex Rodriguez, while playing for the Rangers in ’03, was one of the 104 players that tested positive for performance enhancers. Reportedly he tested positive for anabolic steroids.

Is anyone surprised by this? The recent era was filled with juicers. It’s probably safe to bet that 90% of All-Stars from the early90’s to 2005 were juicing. Jose Canseco made headlines when he stated that A-Rod had juiced a few years back. However, people kinda blew it off when he never brought forth any evidence. It appears that Jose will get the last laugh again.

So what does this mean for A-Rod? MLB will impose no penalties because they had no drug policy then. What a joke Bud Selig! Who knows maybe the Feds will go after him for something. But what I do know is A-Rod is in a lose-lose situation. The best thing for him to do is to come clean to the public. But he’s much more hated than some other guys so I don’t think the public will forgive him as easily. The best medicine for him to actually show up in October and be the hero for the Yanks in a World Series victory. Then at least New Yorkers will forgive him. The rest of the country will hate him even more but he’s got to take what he can get.

It seems A-Rod just can’t be in the news for anything positive these days. Even before this, he represents to many, what is wrong with baseball today. He comes across as an under performing, overpriced, whiny, Yankee. Now many will forever view him as a “cheater”.

To me this is nothing new. I could care less about the AL and the Yankees. I already assumed that A-Rod had juiced. And unless there is evidence he juiced after MLB enacted a drug policy then he is not a cheater. Steroids were a part of the game. We have to get over it. It was the steroid era. If you missed how I beleive the era should be dealt with then click here.

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