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John Gotti on Steroids and Pro Sports

After my last post I thought it’d be fitting to post this video of John Gotti. What he says in this video while talking to his grandson is very intriguing. His grandson tells him that he wants to be a baseball or basketball player and Gotti doesn’t take kindly to his grandson’s dream.

First off, Gotti is a complete prick in that video. But watching this video really makes you think about just how much guys on the wrong side of the law might know about steroid use in sports. The date on that video appears to be 1/30/1998 so he made these statements even before the McGwire/Sosa home run race. He could just be talking out his ass. But it’s not too far fetched to think that organized crime has in some way, shape or form been involved in the steroid business at one point and time.

He also mentions basketball. You really don’t think of steroids in basketball being a problem. But for all we know, players could have used/still use steroids to aid recovery from injuries. Basketball was light years ahead of baseball in terms of testing so I believe that if it was ever a problem it never spiraled out of control like baseball.

Personally I remember watching that video on a documentary around 1999 or 2000 and thinking,”Gotti is it really that bad?”. This was before the public and media went into steroid hysteria so I knew that position players juiced but I gotta admit I had know idea that the percentage was so high. And I certainly was oblivious to the fact that pitchers were juicing at just as high of not higher rates. I really don’t see any long term benefits of juicing in a sport like basketball so if there was juicers in the NBA I think it was very isolated cases. But who really knows anymore? In this day and age we have to look at every athlete skeptically.

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