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Tim Floyd: Do us a favor and…


I’ve gotta admit I’ve always regarded Tim Floyd as a top notch coach but after being ejected from USC’s loss at Arizona St., Tim Floyd makes the jackass quote of the week.

“We don’t have freedom of speech as coaches,” said Floyd, who berated referees and had to be escorted off the court. “We cannot discuss those things. . . . Maybe [President] Obama will change that rule, where we can talk.”

Mr. Floyd,

In the future please think about what you’re saying before you spew out garbage in frustration. Where do I begin with this statement? How about the fact that Bill of Rights only protects individuals from the government. The NCAA cannot infringe on your personal liberties. And what the hell can Obama do anyways? Last time I checked Myles Brand was the top figure of the NCAA.  Are you suggesting that our president should focus time and attention to the NCAA over focusing on the economy and the numerous other much more important issues he has to deal with just because your upset. Basically you want the right to argue with refs without possibly being T’d up. Yeah. That’d be great for basketball. Fans would much rather see play be stopped after every possession so that the coaches can debate with refs. Or better yet, seeing officials miss calls because a coach is screaming in their face while the zebra is trying to do his job.

Even if Obama could give you your wish, it’d be the worst descion of his presidency for numerous reasons.

Come on Floyd, you work for an institute of higher education don’t embarrass yourself and school because your upset. It was a bad call. OK. It happens. Please do us all a favor…next time judt take a deep breath and think for a moment before you release the foul stench of idiocy on the public. There’s enough stink already.

Some coaches are great at making hilarious statements when they’re upset. But Coach Floyd you should have your ref criticizing priviledges revoked for the remainder of the season.

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