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Shot of Jack v2.20

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m still young. Or at least I consider myself young. Well I’ll put it this way. I haven’t hit the big Three-O yet. Having said that, I’m the type of guy that usually spends his Friday nights out on the town drinking cold ones and chasing tail(Hell I even call myself Jack Daniels). That’s why I rarely post on weekends. But tonight is just one of those nights that I don’t feel like doing anything. After work I found my way to the couch and started watching some basketball. Needless to stay, I think I may just take it easy tonight.

What I’m Watching Now

Illinois St. is playing at Niagara in a bracket-buster matchup. It’s about halftime and Niagara is up by 12. I’m kind of biased as an MVC fan but I really thought the Redbirds would win this one easily. The ISU killer combo of Osiris Eldridge and Champ Oguchi is off to a very slow start. Just 7 points off a combined 2-12 from the field. They’ve got to get going in the 2nd half if ISU is gonna get the win. For Niagara’s leading scorer, Tyrone Lewis is off to great start. He’s 5-8 from the field with 13 points. Plus he’s had the touch going from long range as he’s connected on 3-5 from 3pt land. I’m going to stick with original prediction and say that ISU takes this one 67-66.

More Bad News For A-Rod

What do you know? Alex Rodriguez hasn’t been completely honest with the public about his steroid use. It doesn’t take a body language expert or human lie detector to tell that he was lying in the Gammons interview and in interviews since. Just take the Gammons interview for example, did you see how many times he blinked when was answering questions. 99.9% of the time that indicates deception. Now almost daily it seems that one source or another is blowing a hole in A-Roid’s story. Has he not learned from others? You either come 100% clean or you don’t talk about it at all.

MLB has stated that a suspension is possible for the latest revelations in the A-Rod story. If they’re going to do it I hope  they announce soon. I’m so sick of hearing all this A-Rod talk as you’ve probably noticed. If I really cared about him I’d be on here posting my take about his relationship with the trainer, the latest lie etc…within hours of the story being broke. He juiced and he juiced more than he’s admitted to. It’s no surprise. The majority of the league was juicing and I really wish the media would pay more attention to what’s going on now and not what happened in the past.

Dodgers sign FA

Nope it’s not Manny. Try Orlando Hudson. The experienced vet signed a one year deal worth $3.3mil. Manny remains the top FA on the market. He’s an amazing player and his bat adds a huge boost to any lineup. However teams would much rather use the $20+mil a year it’d take to sign him in other places. I think, more than likely the Dodgers and Manny will come to a deal here in the next few weeks. But whoever signs him better watch out. If you don’t give him the contract he wants, you’ll be the one regretting it in the end. The economy sucks and the guy is towards the end of his career so there’s not a lot of teams that are willing to break the bank on him. Especially after what happened in Boston. Manny should fire his agent. He should have had a deal a long time ago.

That’s all I’ve got for now. If I don’t go out tonight I’ll definitely post something new tomorrow or maybe later tonight.

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