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Shot of Jack v2.26

Has it really almost been a week since Dan or I have made a decent post? I guess so. Time to change that with another Shot of Jack.

NCAABB: Injuries Shaking Things Up

Blake Griffin’s concussion has caused Oklahoma to drop 2 in a row. The Good news for the Sooners is, barring further injury, Griffin will be 100% in March.

Marquette however isn’t so lucky. PG and 4year starter, Dominic James suffered a season ending foot injury just 4minutes into the game. The Golden Eagles went on to lose 82-93 last night at home vs UConn. Marquette was a legit contender to make it to Detroit this year. Without James that now seems very unlikely. UConn’s win just also happened to be a milestone for Jim Calhoun.

Jim Calhoun wins 800

Calhoun makes how much? Just kidding. I’m not going to go there. If you have no idea what I’m talking about…here’s a link. 800wins is an amazing feat at any level. I’m not a big Calhoun fan but I have an enormous amount of respect for him. He has turned UConn into a top notch program. And brought an enormous amount of money into the school. I know I said I wasn’t going to go there but Calhoun is worth every penny of his $1.2million salary. That freelance writer that was giving him a hard time needs to look at how valuable Calhoun is to the University before he criticizes his salary.Top notch programs in major sports like basketball are huge money makers for schools.

Another Coaching Milestone

Tuesday night Syracuse recorded it’s 20 win of the season. For head coach Jim Boeheim that makes 31 seasons of at least 20 wins. He has now surpassed the great Dean Smith and is the all-time leader in that category. Boeheim is a great recruiter, great at the x’s & o’s and his teams win. In college basketball that makes you an amazing coach.

World of Professional Baseball

Spring Training exhibition’s were in full swing yesterday. A-Rod hit a dinger and received a positive reaction yesterday.I know you heard about it since ESPN gave it so much airtime. How did the great Alex Rodriguez celebrate his positive fan reaction? He left with the cousin that he said gave him the steroids he used. You just can’t make things like that up. Wow! I’m fully convinced that this guy just loves the spotlight. Even if he receives negative publicity. All publicity is good in the world of A-Rod. He’s either not listening to his publicist or he needs a new one…….Elsewhere there wasn’t a whole lot of news. As a Cardinals fan I payed close attention to the Cards scrimmage that ended in 5-5 tie. There’s storylines I could talk about from the Cards spring training but I’m not going to turn The Pub into a Cards blog………Manny received a new offer from the Dodgers. In total it’s a two year $45million deal. He would receive $25mil this season and then he has a player option worth $20mil next season. My advice to Manny: Take the offer! That’s the best you’ll get this year. Play your ass off this year and you can try testing the market again next year if you want. If he plays the entire season like he did at the end of last season he will get a big contract from someone.

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