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    Georgia targeting Mizzou’s Anderson

    Mark Schlabach of is reporting that Georgia has slapped a bullseye on Mizzou’s current head coach, Mike Anderson. It’s really no surprise that teams are targeting Anderson. Applying the same philosophies of his mentor Nolan Richardson, he’s turned around Mizzou basketball. According to Schlabach Georgia is prepared to make a multi-year offer worth about $2mil per year.  Why go to Georgia? That’s the question. If I were a coach I’d be very hesitant about going there. However it appears that Georgia officials believe $2mil a season will be enough to lure Anderson back to the SEC.

    Missouri is expected offer a milti-year extension to Anderson. Schlabach reported the extenstion is expected to be in the $1.3mil range.  All I’ve got say is, Mizzou up your offer to the $2mil range and get this guy re-signed before Memphis, Arizona or another school swoops in and offers this guy more money than you’ll ever pay.

    I really doubt Anderson will be stay at Mizzou much longer but I really hope he does. If he does turn down the Georgia offer he just might go to Memphis. He’s already coached in Conf-USA and it’s not the Big12 but Memphis, thanks to the support of Fed-Ex, will be able to offer him some big time money. Plus he wouldn’t be too far ways from his old stomping grounds in Arkansas. If Anderson does leave, I say bring Billy Gillespie back the Big12 Mizzou.

    G-Town’s Summers, UF’s Calathes to Declare for Draft

    Reportedly, Junior forward DaJuan Summers will enter the NBA and hire an agent. dajaunsummIf he does sign with an agent he will not be able to return next year. He averaged 13.6 ppg for the Hoyas last year and definitely has NBA type talent.  However I think he’s going to need play very well in the pre-draft camps to have any hope of going in the 1st round and getting that guaranteed money. I don’t know the kid’s situation but if I were advising him I’d tell him not to hire an agent. One more year of college ball could do nothing but help his chances of going in the 1st round. He may need money now but if somehow he could tough it out for another year I really think he’d end up with a quite a bit more money in the end.

    Down in Tallahassee, it’s been reported that Sophomore Nick Calathes will test the waters.


    Calathes averaged 17.2ppg, 6.4apg, 5.3rpg, 1.9spg in 08-09

    He will not hire an agent so he will have the option of returning for his Junior season.  Calathes is a tremendous talent and will end up in the league at some point but he likely will not be a 1st round pick. If I were a Gators fan I wouldn’t be too worried about not having him next year. Like Summers he will need to play some outstanding pre-draft ball before he’ll have a shot at going in the 1st round. If Calathes returns and has a great Junior season he’ll without a doubt be a mid-late 1st round pick in the 2010 draft.

    Testing the waters like this can only benefit a player. If I were an NBA prospect I’d declare every year even if I didn’t plan on going pro that season. Why not? You get to play against top notch talent, show the scouts what you can do and get feedback from the NBA guys on what you need to work on.

    AL Preview

    americanleaguelogoThe baseball season officially gets under way Sunday. So that means that its time for the Pub’s MLB preview’s. So in the 1st of a 2 part series I give you the:

    Pub’s American League Preview

    The AL doesn’t play real baseball. The DH I mean c’mon what kind of BS is that? Yankees-Sox? I wouldn’t hate these teams that much if ESPN didn’t constantly shove Yanks-Sox news down the rest of the country’s throat 24/7. Do we really need to be updated every time A-Rod says something or be reminded that Derek Jeter is a god in New York? Does the rest of the country really care that Yanks and Sox fans don’t like each other? Well that’s enough ranting about evil ESPN for now. Time for my half predictions.

    AL East: As much as I hate the Yanks and Sox I’ll admit that at least one of them will make the playoffs. And that one team will be the Red Sox. The Yanks big spending will backfire again as they miss the playoffs for the 2nd yr in a row. I think the Orioles are a much improved team but they still will not be able to contend. The Rays will once again steal a spot from Yankees.

    1. Boston Red Sox
    2. Tampa Rays
    3. New York Yankees
    4. Baltimore Orioles
    5. Toronto Blue Jays

    AL Central: They competitiveness and parity in the AL Central has made this division seem like a game of  Musical Chairs. The White Sox won it last year but I like the Minnesota Twins this year. However it’ll be a close race with just a few games separating 1st from 3rd.

    1. Minnesota Twins
    2. Detroit Tigers
    3. Chicago White Sox
    4. Kansas City Royals (That’s right this is the year the Royals get out of last)
    5. Cleveland Indians

    AL West: I don’t for see much excitement in this division. The Angels will take it for the 3rd consecutive season. If the Angels slip the top contenders to knock them off their thrown is the A’s.

    1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (The most ridiculous name in sports)
    2. Oakland A’s
    3. Texas Rangers
    4. Seattle Mariners

    AL Awards & Playoffs

    MVP: Miguel Cabrera: I think he’s going to have a great year and if the Tigers squeak into the playoffs he’ll be MVP

    Cy Young: Roy Halladay: Halladay is the one thing Jays fans get to look forward to. As long as he doesn’t end up getting traded to the NL I like Halladay’s chances of earning his 2nd Cy Young.

    ROY: Travis Snider:Everyone is going with David Price or Matt Wieters here but I’m gonna go with Snider because he should be in the Jays lineup from day one and I just want to be different.

    Wildcard Team: Tampa Rays: The wildcard will come out of the East and I picked the Rays to finish second so I like their chances.

    Who’s Takin Home the Pennant: Not the Yankees. Predicting this is such a crap-shoot. It’s going to be whatever team get’s hot and I think that team will be the Minnesota Twins. Not the best team on paper but I’m predicting that they’ll finally get over the hump in ’09.

    In Summary: I really don’t care for AL baseball that much. If my picks are accurate cool. If not oh well. The NL is where the real baseball is played and that’s what I follow.

    Pub’s Final Four Preview

    Well it’s been a while but we’re back. Or at least I am. Dan has been busy with work and family so unfortunately his Conference reviews will not be finished. I would like to thank him for the great job he did with conferences he did manage to review.After 2 weeks without posting I’m to get back into the flow of things with this preview. Then later in the week I’ll post the Pub’s Final NCAA Awards as well as MLB previews. Enough small talk let’s get talking about the Final Four.

    Game 1: (2)Michigan St. 30-6 VS (1)UConn 31-4

    The Huskies have looked good so far. The tree inside Hasheem Thabeet has been the anchor for this team. I’ve got to admit that since the injury to Dyson I didn’t expect UConn to make it this far. Even without Dyson the Huskies look like they have what it takes to cut down the nets in Detroit.

    On the other hand the Spartans have used great defense and all around toughness to make it to Detroit. I expected Louisville to win big but the Spartans just outplayed them. Kalin Lucas is playing beyond his years and Goran Suton has been playing great.

    Prediction: Michigan St. pulls another upset 65-61:  I think UConn is a better team but I expect the Spartans pick up the W playing in their home state. At any rate a Tom Izzo vs. Jim Calhoun match-up is sure to be exciting.

    Game 2: (1)North Carolina 32-4 vs (3) Villanova 30-7

    Villanova pulled off the big victory over Pittsburgh Saturday. They’ve got great guard play and a solid post player in Dante Cunningham. The guy with the fancy suits, Jay Wright, has got to be feeling good about the Wildcats chances.

    UNC has been UNC. They’ve cruised to victories with ease. Ty Lawson has been the best player in the tournament so far and everyone is contributing for the Heels. Plus that iffy defense everyone has been worried about has looked great so far. Depth+Defense+Tremendous 3pt shooting makes the Heels the favorites.

    Prediction: UNC 92-80: The Heels just have too many weapons. They’re the only team in the Final 4 that can say they’re undefeated when playing at Ford Field and I expect the Heels depth will get the best of the Wildcats in this one.

    Championship Prediction: UNC 85, Mich St. 74: The Heels rolled over the Suton-less Spartans in during their early season match-up in the Ford Field. Mich St. fans say hey we weren’t healthy but UNC also wasn’t 100% either. Having said that, when teams meet in April you can just forget about whatever happened in November or December. These are two completely different squads now. In my opinion the Heels have just too much firepower for the Spartans. Michigan St. will need a flawless performance to have a shot in this one. I expect Lawson to do his thing in this one but I think Hansbrough will finish his legendary collegiate career with a huge performance.

    Pub’s MAAC Awards & Review


    Final Standings

    1.  Siena (16-2) 26-7
    2.  Niagara (14-4) 26-8
    3.  Rider (12-6) 19-12
    4.  Fairfield (9-9) 17-15
    4.  Manhattan (9-9) 16-14
    6.  Saint Peter’s (8-10) 11-19
    7.  Iona (7-11) 12-19
    7.  Loyola (MD) (7-11) 12-20
    9.  Canisius (4-14) 11-20
    9. Marist (4-14) 10-23

    Who’s Dancing: Siena: They beat Niagara 77-70 to win the MAAC tourney for the 2nd year in a row

    On the Bubble:Niagara,26-8. rpi:49: The Purple Eagles are probably on the outside looking in after losing the conf. tourney.

    MVP: Ryan Thompson, Jr., G, Rider: 18.4ppg, 6.5rpg, 3.2apg, 1.7spg: Thompson led the MAAC and scoring and put up huge numbers in the conf tourney as he tried to get his team into the Big Dance.

    Most Outstanding Defender: Tyrone Lewis, Jr., G, Niagara: 16.3ppg, 4.7rpg, 2.6spg, 2.0apg, .8bpg: Lewis lead the conf in steals and was without question one of the top defenders in the MAAC

    Most Outstanding Freshman: Scott Machado, Fr., G, Iona: 932ppg, 3.4rpg, 4.8apg, 1.3spg

    Pub All-MAAC Team

    • G: Ryan Thompson Jr., Rider: 18.4ppg, 6.5rpg, 3.2apg, 1.7spg
    • G:  Jamal Barney, So., Loyola (MD): 18.1ppg, 5.5rpg, 1.3agp, 1.4spg
    • F:  Bilal Benn, Jr., Niagara: 13.9ppg, 9.4rpg, 2.4spg, 2.6apg, 0.5bpg
    • F:  Ryan Schneider, Sr., Marist: 15.9ppg, 8.2rpg, 1.4spg, 1.4apg
    • F:  Ryan Rossiter, So., Siena: 10.0ppg, 7.8rpg, 1.9bpg, 1.2spg

    Top Coach

    Fran McCaffery, Siena: What can you say? McCaffery has done a great job with this program.  They had a good season last year and they followed it up with a great one this year.

    Pub’s WCC Awards & Review


    Final Standings

    1.   Gonzaga (14-0) 26-5
    2.   Saint Mary’s (10-4) 26-6
    3.   Portland (9-5) 19-12
    4.   Santa Clara (7-7) 16-17
    5.   San Diego (6-8) 16-16
    6.   Pepperdine (5-9) 9-23
    7.   San Francisco (7-11) 11-19
    8.   Loyola Marymount(2-12) 3-28

    Who’s Dancing: Gonzaga: No surprise here. Gonzaga once again dominated the league. Perfect regular season and they won the conf tourney

    On the Bubble

    Saint Mary’s, 26-6, 47rpi: Had Patty Mills not been injured during the Gaels first meeting with the Zags there’d be no question about whether or not Saint Mary’s should be in the tourney. I think the committee should give them the benefit of the doubt but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

    MVP: Patrick “Patty” Mills, So., G, Saint Mary’s: 17.8ppg, 3.7apg, 2.6rpg, 2.3spg: With this Aussie in the lineup the Gaels were a completely different team. I don’t care that he missed 9.5 games. If anything that showed just how valuable he was to this team

    Most Outstanding Defender: John Bryant, Sr., C, Santa Clara: 18.1ppg, 14.2rpg, 2.5bpg, 1.1apg: Bryant was probably the conf MOP but we only give out MVP for the WCC. However after leading the conf in rebounds and blocks there’s no question that Bryant deserved this award

    Most Outstanding Freshman: Kevin Foster, Fr., G, Santa Clara: 14.7ppg, 2.5rpg, 1.3spg, 2.4apg

    Pub All-WCC Team

    • G: Patty Mills, So., G, Saint Mary’s: 17.8ppg, 3.7apg, 2.6rpg, 2.3spg
    • G: Nic Raivio, Jr., Portland: 15.7ppg, 6.6rpg, 2.3agp, 1.3spg
    • F: Dior Lowhorn, Jr., San Francisco: 20.1ppg, 6.9rpg, .8apg, .5spg, 0.9bpg
    • F:  Diamon Simpson, Sr., Saint Mary’s: 13.8ppg, 10.5rpg, 1.7bpg, 1.7spg
    • C:  John Bryant, Sr., Santa Clara: 18.1ppg, 14.2rpg, 2.5bpg, 1.1apg, .596 FG%

    Top Coach

    Eric Reveno, Portland: The Pilots finished much better than expected this season. In the preseason poll Portland was picked to finish just 6th in the conf. But Reveno coached this team into a 3rd place finish. The Pilots improved to 19-12 after finishing  just 9-22 last season. And that  is very impressive