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TO Released, Holt Wants Out of STL

The Cowboys have finally decided to cut ties with Terrell Owens. Jerry Jones gambled on TO and it appears he finally realized that TO’s production is not worth all the distractions. I think for the Cowboys this was a very good move. It’s not that TO isn’t a top WR he just simply destroys lockerooms. The question now is what does the future hold for Owens? I really have no idea. Some one will take a chance on this guy but as of now I’m not sure who that may be. Personally I think he’d fit in very nicely with the Raiders. They’re already a mess and we all know how Al Davis loves for his teams to air it out. But maybe even TO has too much dignity to consider Oakland.

In other news, Torry Holt has requested his release from St. Louis. As a Ram fan this saddens me but I understand. Holt still has a few elite seasons left in him and he doesn’t want to spend them on a franchise that is rebuilding. And for the Rams it will free up some salary to go out get some much needed help at other positions. The Rams do have the option of attempting to trade him in the next 12 days but I don’t know if that will work out since teams now know they can just wait 12 days and sign him. But then again trading for him may save whoever wants him money since they will not have to bid against other teams. Holt is sort of the anti-TO. He puts up numbers and is a good guy to have in the locker room. Like Issac Bruce, it’ll be weird seeing #81 in another uniform. But I really hope this guy lands with a contender. He deserves it. And he should draw much more interest than TO.

Holt may not be the only cornerstone of the Rams to leave soon. Orlando Pace is said to be on the trading block. And some rumors say that the Rams are looking to package Pace and Holt together in a deal. I guess if the Rams are going to part ways with these guys they had better at least get something in return. Whether it’s draft picks or just a solid moderately priced player or two.

As a Rams fan I’m both sad and excited. I hate to see longtime Rams go. But at the same time this team needs a major makeover. The greatest show on turf is no more. It’s time to rebuild from the ground up.

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