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Yes it is a Rule

You can’t dunk or mess with the rim in anyway before a college basketball game. Last night before the WCC conference championship, an official caught a St. Mary’s player dunking it during warmups. St. Mary’s was charged with a technical and Gonzaga was awarded Free Throws, one of which they made, before the clock even started.

This is a rule that applies in most, if not all states for high school basketball. You’d think that people who get to write about hoops for a living would be aware of this rule even if it very rarely called. But that’s not the case. My homepage is set to yahoo so I always see all their little headlines. Today I see one about what happened last night and of course I clicked it out of curiosity. What did I find? A blogger for yahoo sports, Eamonn Brennanhad no idea that rule existed. How is a guy who has the privilege of writing for a sports site, for pay, dumbfounded when he heard about the rule?

Well I gotta give him credit, Donovan McNabb wasn’t aware that NFL games could end in a tie.

I was hard on the guy but it’s not his fault. Yahoo should not have made his blog entry front page news. Damn you yahoo! I always fall for your headline trickery.


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  1. I guess at least he had the balls to admit he didn’t know. A lot of people would never admit something like that. Yahoo headlines do suck. You click into something expecting one thing and then get something worthless like that.

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