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AL Preview

americanleaguelogoThe baseball season officially gets under way Sunday. So that means that its time for the Pub’s MLB preview’s. So in the 1st of a 2 part series I give you the:

Pub’s American League Preview

The AL doesn’t play real baseball. The DH I mean c’mon what kind of BS is that? Yankees-Sox? I wouldn’t hate these teams that much if ESPN didn’t constantly shove Yanks-Sox news down the rest of the country’s throat 24/7. Do we really need to be updated every time A-Rod says something or be reminded that Derek Jeter is a god in New York? Does the rest of the country really care that Yanks and Sox fans don’t like each other? Well that’s enough ranting about evil ESPN for now. Time for my half predictions.

AL East: As much as I hate the Yanks and Sox I’ll admit that at least one of them will make the playoffs. And that one team will be the Red Sox. The Yanks big spending will backfire again as they miss the playoffs for the 2nd yr in a row. I think the Orioles are a much improved team but they still will not be able to contend. The Rays will once again steal a spot from Yankees.

  1. Boston Red Sox
  2. Tampa Rays
  3. New York Yankees
  4. Baltimore Orioles
  5. Toronto Blue Jays

AL Central: They competitiveness and parity in the AL Central has made this division seem like a game of  Musical Chairs. The White Sox won it last year but I like the Minnesota Twins this year. However it’ll be a close race with just a few games separating 1st from 3rd.

  1. Minnesota Twins
  2. Detroit Tigers
  3. Chicago White Sox
  4. Kansas City Royals (That’s right this is the year the Royals get out of last)
  5. Cleveland Indians

AL West: I don’t for see much excitement in this division. The Angels will take it for the 3rd consecutive season. If the Angels slip the top contenders to knock them off their thrown is the A’s.

  1. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (The most ridiculous name in sports)
  2. Oakland A’s
  3. Texas Rangers
  4. Seattle Mariners

AL Awards & Playoffs

MVP: Miguel Cabrera: I think he’s going to have a great year and if the Tigers squeak into the playoffs he’ll be MVP

Cy Young: Roy Halladay: Halladay is the one thing Jays fans get to look forward to. As long as he doesn’t end up getting traded to the NL I like Halladay’s chances of earning his 2nd Cy Young.

ROY: Travis Snider:Everyone is going with David Price or Matt Wieters here but I’m gonna go with Snider because he should be in the Jays lineup from day one and I just want to be different.

Wildcard Team: Tampa Rays: The wildcard will come out of the East and I picked the Rays to finish second so I like their chances.

Who’s Takin Home the Pennant: Not the Yankees. Predicting this is such a crap-shoot. It’s going to be whatever team get’s hot and I think that team will be the Minnesota Twins. Not the best team on paper but I’m predicting that they’ll finally get over the hump in ’09.

In Summary: I really don’t care for AL baseball that much. If my picks are accurate cool. If not oh well. The NL is where the real baseball is played and that’s what I follow.

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