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Mike Anderson Staying at Mizzou

In case you haven’t heard yet Mike Anderson has accepted Mizzou’s new 7year offer to remain in Columbia. The deal is worth apprx. $1.3-1.5mil per year. So he’s going to actually be making less money than he could have got at Georgia or perhaps Memphis if they would’ve made an offer. This is great news for Mizzou fans and the Big12 in general. Anderson is an excellent coach.

Even if you hate Mizzou you’ve got to admire Anderson for being one of the few coaches that isn’t all about the $$$$.

In this day and age, coaches too often go for the big money. I understand taking a job for more money if you’re going from a small program to a bigger one and I’m not putting any coach down for that. However, all too often coaches switch programs or go to the NBA too soon just to get the extra dough. In many cases coaches would be better in the long term if they spent another season or two at the mid-major they’ve built up.

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