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High Schooler Jeremy Tyler Going Pro

Oversees that is. Big man and possibly the top prospect from the class of 2010, Jeremy Tyler, has decided to fore-go his senior year of high school to play professionally in Europe. I know that I’m in minority but I say congratulations kid.

With the exception of American Football players in other sports routinely go pro at even earlier age than Tyler. So I applaud his choice. Now I know the critics are going to bash the kid. However, everyone that thinks this a bad move should put themselves in his shoes.  Let’s look at his options.

Plan A: Finish High School and the go play college ball for a year.

OK. There’s nothing wrong with route but there are several downsides to it. First of all, he’s a man among boys at the High School level. He can only develop his skills so much at this level. Secondly, if he has the skills to pay the bills, why not earn some Euros now? Plus there’s always the dreaded injury bug. If this kid gets seriously hurt in a High School game what will he have to show for his career?

Plan B: Finish High School and then take the Brandon Jennings route oversees.

He could do this but what’s the point? Isn’t 2years of pro ball better than one? Tyler can easily go back and get his GED at any point he chooses. For the average person receiving a diploma from your HS is important. However, keep in mind this kid is far from average.

Plan C: His chosen path.

There could be nothing better than having 2 years of pro experience under your belt to make you NBA-Ready. International players routinely start playing professionally at 16-17yrs old. So is it really much of that surprise that the International players make up a huge percentage of the NBA today? School will always be there. He should make a pretty decent amount of change overseas and down the road in the NBA. Even if his NBA career turns out to be a bust he should still have plenty of bank left to finance a degree. I know some critics criticized Jennings for going overseas because he wouldn’t be playing in front of NBA scouts. Those people need to wake up and realize the scouts are everywhere. There has been scouts at every single one of Jennings’s games and there will be for Tyler as well. Furthermore, the biggest problem with young prospects is there maturity level. Living in another culture and actually playing pro ball is going to force this kid to mature fast. Any player choosing this path or Jennings path will be much more prepared for the NBA lifestyle than his peers that take the NCAA one and done approach.

In summary, do your thing Jeremy Tyler. I applaud you for thinking outside the box. Instead of going through the system that makes Colleges and NCAA billions of dollars at your expense you’ve chosen a plan that benefits you to the maximum. I’ll definitely follow your progress. Good Luck.

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