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AL Baseball Sucks

I haven’t watched more than 3innings of AL baseball this year. Yes I hate the the Yankees and Red Sox but that has nothing to do with it. Contrary to what ESPN leads you to believe the Yanks & Sox only make up 14% of the AL. That’s right there is actually 12 other teams in the AL. There is some good story lines in the AL but I still can’t sit down and watch a full AL game. I’d love to watch Zach Greinke mow down opposing batters but I just can’t do it.

Why? The answer is simple. The Designated Hitter. It is by far the worst rule ever added to anyof our Major Professional Sports. In baseball you play the field AND bat. What is so hard about that? I have absolutely no interest in watching fat overpaid sluggers take 4 or 5 at bats then spend the rest of the game sitting on their ass. I also can’t stand watching pitchers throw inside with no consequence. In the NL if a pitcher intentionally goes high and tight on a batter then you can guarantee that next time he steps up to the plate he’s going to see the same thing.

I’m going to end my rant now but within the next two weeks I’m going to post a complete argument on why the DH is horrible for baseball.

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