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PEDs: What MLB should do

I hate talking about Performance Enhancers in baseball. It seems like every time I think I can just enjoy baseball another big name player is linked to steroids. So I’m going to reflect on what I’d do to solve this problem if I was in Bud Selig’s shoes.

1. Retire in disgrace. If I were in Bud Selig‘s shoes I’d probably seriously contemplate suicide. The steroid era is not entirely his fault but he will forever be linked to it. The problem ballooned under his watch and he did too little too late.

Now, I’m going to imagine that I was somehow chosen to run baseball after Selig steps aside. I’m also going to imagine that the player’s union could not hinder my proposals from becoming reality.

1. Announce immediate plans for stricter testing

Baseball finally piss tests players. Which is a big improvement over ten years ago but this is not enough. I’d hire an impartial 3rd party to conduct random blood tests in addition to the urine tests. MLB likes to lead the public to believe that they’re doing a good job of testing but things like HGH can only be detected through blood tests.

In addition, the testing agency would be in charge of notifying the public about positive tests. The people would receive news of positive tests at the same time as the commissioner’s office. The fans deserve to know about positive tests in a timely manner before anyone in MLB has a chance to spin the news.

2. New Penalties for Positives

Any player that tests positive for PEDs would be subject to the following penalties pending a swift appeal process.

1st Positive: 81 Game Suspension

2nd Positive: 162 Game Suspension

3rd Positive: 486 Game Suspension & 15year ban from any jobs affiliated with MLB.

4th Positive: Lifetime Ban from anything MLB related. No more chances. No future at all in MLB baseball. They can’t even get a job as a hot dog vendor.

3. Development of an Anti-Performance Enhancing Drugs Program

Baseball has got to get more involved with the youth here in the United States as well as in Latin America. Increased awareness and education about the dangers of PED use as well as baseball’s policy  is an absolute must.

4. Put a Stop to all the Talk About Asterisks and HOF Banishment

It’s sad that juiced era tainted so many records but it happened and we must deal with it. Barry Bonds may be a piece of shit but statistically he is also the home run king. Personally I accept that he is statistically the home run king but to me I still recognize Hank Aaron and Roger Maris‘s records are still the ones to beat. An asterisk is a cop out. Baseball just ignored and profited off of roids. Of course players were going to juice if they didn’t have to face any punishment for their actions. Throughout baseball’s history there have been incidents with doctored balls, corked bats, stealing signs etc….. All of those infractions are considered cheating but no one ever says that players caught cheating in those ways shouldn’t be allowed in the Hall of Fame.  So am I in favor of just letting McGwire, Bonds, Clemens, A-Rod, Manny and company into the hall? Absolutely not. I believe that any players linked to steroid use, prior to the new drug testing policy, should ineligible for the Hall of Fame until they put in a considerable amount of time in the Anti-PEDs Program. These players would have to man up to their offenses and give back to the game by steering others away from the path they chose. Completion of this program would in no way guarantee entry to the hall. It would only allow them to be placed on the ballot. So they still will have to get enough votes to get in.

I could go on and on about what I’d do if I was in charge but it will never happen. Brazil has a better chance and winning an international ice-hockey tournament than I have at becoming commissioner of baseball. But I hope at this very least you found this to be entertaining.

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