2009 NL All Star Voting

For once the fans actually seem to be doing a half way decent job voting for the starters of the All-Star Game.

First Base

Albert Pujols– Pujols has a commanding lead in the voting. What can you say? He’s the best player in the game and should be starting. Sorry Adrian Gonzalez and Ryan Howard you just don’t stand a chance playing the same position as El Hombre.

Second Base

Chase Utley– Utley is having a monster year and is dominating the voting at 2nd. Once again good job fans.

Third Base

David Wright– In all likely hood the 600,000+ vote lead over Chipper Jones and Ryan Zimmerman will hold. This is a complicated position.In a perfect world of unbiased, educated fans slugger Mark Reynolds to at least be in the running. I still think Wright is right pick because of his high average.

Short Stop

Hanley Ramirez– HRam is about 300k votes ahead of Jimmy Rollins? Yea that’s right Jimmy Rollins. Rollins doesn’t even deserve to be a bat boy yet fans are still voting for him. WTF?


Yadier Molina– Yadi is about 400k votes ahead of McCann. Had McCann not had issues to start the year he’d probably be in the lead right now. But I think Yadi is the correct pick. It’s all a matter of what do you value more?  Defense or Offense? McCann is the best hitting cather in the NL. Yadi is by far the best defensive catcher in the game. I’d go as far to say, Yaid is the 2nd most valuable player on the Cards roster. For years he’s been one of the most underrated players in the game. So it’s great to finally see him get som recognition.


1. Raul Ibanez 2. Ryan Braun 3. Carlos Beltran

These 3 are the most deserving. The only problem is that Beltran is going to miss the ASG. That means 4th place will be the starter. Currently Alfonso Soriano is 4th in voting. Thanks a lot Chicago. The best candidate to take the 3rd starting spot should be Brad Hawpe. Hawpe is not even in the top 15 in votes. .327 avg, .399 OBP, 12 HR, 55 RBI What more does this guy have to do? Get your heads out of your asses fans and stop sleeping on this guy.


Whats on Tap

We'll do our best to keep your thirst for sports queched

We'll do our best to keep your thirst for sports queched

6/25-6/26: NBA Draft Coverage: I’ll be on twitter giving my thoughts on the draft and will post a recap tomorrow

6/26: National League All Star Race: My take on the voting and who should be representing the NL in St. Louis this year.

6/27-6/28: Nothing: Out of town for the weekend

Next week: TBA

Steroids in Baseball: The Great Hypocrisy

Of course he juiced but why deny him the Hall of Fame?

Of course he juiced but why deny him the Hall of Fame?

Sammy Sosa recently said “I will calmly wait for my induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Don’t I have the numbers to be inducted?”  However it looks as if Slammin Sammy will be the latest casualty of the steroid era not to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds all have the necessary numbers to reach the Hall of Fame but they likely will never receive a spot in Cooperstown. Why? Here’s the reasons why voters say they are not worthy.

1. They are Cheaters: They cheated themselves and the game. They broke the rules and cheaters just don’t belong in Cooperstown.

2. They gained an Extra Edge:The substances they took were illegal and gave them an extra boost that led to inflated numbers that they likely would not have achieved naturally.

3. It’s a matter of Integrity: We just can’t forever enshrine people like that in baseball’s sacred Hall of Fame.

Those are three most common reasons why people believe anyone that juiced isn’t Hall of Fame worthy. Right now, I want you to honestly think about why you do not believe that these players belong in the HOF. More likely than not your reason(s) fall into one of these categories. If that is the case then guess what?


Don’t believe me? Take 5 minutes of your time to read the the remainder of this posting and think about it unbiasedly.

1. They are Cheaters

Would Perry be in Cooperstown without cheating?

Would Perry be in Cooperstown without cheating?

So in your opinion, even though there was absolutely no penalties in baseball for what they did, they are cheaters and don’t belong in the Hall of Fame. Okay. I respect you for taking such a strong stance against cheaters. Then again, what about Gaylord Perry? Or even George Brett? Perry was a notorious cheater that would not have had HOF worthy numbers without doctoring the ball and sneaking substances under the bill of his cap or throwing the occasional spit ball. Yet he’s in the Hall. George Brett was busted in the notorious pine tar incident. He’s a very minor example of cheating and I chose him for a reason. He cheated and was caught. Doesn’t that make him a cheater and put him in the same category as Perry? Should we ban everyone that has ever cheated? Baseball has a long history of cheating. Players have always tried bending and breaking the rules in order to gain an edge over their opponent. Baseball culture has always lived by the adage that “if you ain’t cheatin you ain’t tryin.” But now all of the sudden we don’t like cheaters? Okay I can respect that but only as long as every player that has ever cheated in one shape or another is removed from the hall as well. After all, we wouldn’t want lil Timmy to get the wrong idea about right and wrong.

2. They gained an extra Edge

Even the great Willie Mays has been linked to PEDs.

Even the great Willie Mays has been linked to PEDs.

They say: Players that use illegal substances to gain an edge have no place in baseball or Cooperstown.  If that’s so then why is there already at least 2 decade’s worth of amphetamine users in the Hall? Amphetamine use was rampant and accepted in baseball during the late 60’s well into the 80’s. Willie Mays, Pete Rose and Willie Stargell are just 3 of literally hundreds if not thousands of players that used amphetamines. Why is there no media outrage about the “greenie” era of baseball? Players were popping those illegal little green pills like candy. Amphetamines boost a player’s energy level and enhance focus. They are a Performance Enhancing Drug. They may not directly lead to increased muscle but they did allow players to do much more despite fatigue. They without a doubt enhanced players numbers in some way shape or form. The media likes to make everyone think that baseball was pure before the Bash Brothers but that’s nothing more than a fairy tale. Amazingly, amphetamines were not banned in baseball until 2006! Yet another incident of MLB ignoring and profiting off of a PED. Could you imagine what it would have been like if the media was everywhere 35yrs ago like they are today? Perhaps Mays and Stargell would have been blackballed from the HOF and Rose would have 2 wrongs to account for. Steroids likely enhance numbers more significantly than the greenies but all I’m saying is they both are wrong and enhance performance. Yet, one is accepted/ignored and the other one isn’t. That makes absolutely no sense.

3. It’s a matter of Integrity

Cobb was a great player but was he a man of integrity?

Cobb was a great player but was he a man of integrity?

This is my personal favorite. “These juicers are low down pieces of garbage and don’t belong there.” So you want your Hall of Famers to be “Men of Integrity”? The definition of integrity is: Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. Sounds great doesn’t it. We don’t want immoral or unethical people in the HOF. Right? If that’s the case then why do we have so many unethical people in the HOF? Racists, Drunks, Abusers of Women, Cheaters on the field and in Marriage guess what they are there. For example take Ty Cobb, a man of little integrity. He intentionally spiked opponents, drank too much and was definitely a racist. Cobb did one thing well. And that one thing was baseball. He was one of the greatest players of all time despite not being much of a likable character. On his plaque all of his phenomenal baseball achievements are listed. We remember him as one of the best players of his era but we don’t forget that he is not a role model for our children. It’s fine if you want to view all the alleged juicers as poor people of no integrity. Just don’t overlook the fact that in an era of juicers they were still the best of the best.

In conclusion, this is just another product of today’s oversensitive society. Generation after generation of baseball player has watched their elders bend and break the rules to gain an edge. It was only a matter of time before players turned to steroids. The fans and the media had always turned a blind eye or even embraced the things that players did to gain an edge. Yet all of the sudden, some people got their feelings hurt when they realized that players were achieving historic numbers unnaturally. The over politically correctness of today then labeled this latest edge as something that harms and corrupts the youth. The witch-hunt soon followed. All I’ve got to say is where was baseball at? Where was the media when writers were making money writing about the historic homerun chase of 1998? Where were the fans? Baseball should have started testing 20+ years ago. The media and fans should have voiced more concern over the unnatural bulking up players. No one did anything. Now people are fabricating reasons for keeping the best of players of the era out of the Cooperstown. We don’t have to accept or like what they did but the best players of an era deserve to be in the HOF. Especially, when there were no penalties for what they did.

Like I said before, if your reasoning for keeping steroid users out of the hall is one of the 3 points above then you my friend, are a Hypocrite.

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