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ASG: Vote For Pablo

The fan vote and manager selections are now complete. So all that’s left is the final fan vote to decide the final spot on each team.

In the NL the candidates are:

Christian Guzman, SS, Nationals-.316AVG, .331OBP, 3HR, 21RBI,

Matt Kemp, OF, Dodgers- .303AVG, .369OBP, 10HR, 44RBI

Mark Reynolds, 3B, D-Backs- .268AVG, .354OBP, 23HR, 58RBI

Pablo Sandoval, 3B, Giants- .333AVG, .388OBP, 12HR, 44RBI

So who deserves it?

Pablo Sandoval. He’s got All-Star worthy numbers. Plus he plays multiple positions and is a switch hitter. Fans don’t blow this. Sandoval deserves to make the 1st of many All-Star Appearances now. All of these guys are worthy but Sandoval has best overall numbers and is more likely to make an impact on the game. Mark Reynolds is a slugger but look at how many times he strikes out. Kemp should have made the team over Hunter Pence but he is not more worthy than Pablo. Ye Olde Sports Pub officially endorses the All Star bid of of Pablo Sandoval. Therefore we call on all fans to…..

Vote For Pablo!

Voting Ends on Thursday at 4pm EST. So get to mlb.com and Vote!

Voting Ends on Thursday at 4pm EST. So get to mlb.com and Vote!

The AL’s final vote comes down to……Wait a minute! American League? Who cares? Those teams don’t even play real baseball.

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