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Watching Orlando Summer Pro League Sucks

Today was the first day that I had a chance to watch any of the games online. All I’ve got to say is what the hell is the deal with the commentators? Dante Marchitelli and George Galante, aka Dante & Galante, are horrible. All they do is bitch and moan the whole game. In betwenn their bitching and moaning they’re cracking lame jokes. They provide absolutely ZERO intelligent insight. If I wanted to hear comedy then I certainly wouldn’t tune in to the SPL and I especially wouldn’t listen to hacks that simply steal their jokes from movies and other people. Some people do enjoy these guys but anyone that actually wants to follow the game does not. If they hate doing these games so much then why are they there in the first place? If it’s a contractual obligation then why does their employer allow them to make a mockery of the games? I’ll admit that they do have  a cult fan base. That would be a decent excuse for keeping them but ratings don’t matter because there is absolutely no advertising during these games!

Dante Marchitelli(left) George Galante(right)

Dante Marchitelli(left) George Galante(right) Wannabe Comedians

Normally,I just hit mute when I can’t stand the commentary. But the poor video quality eliminates that option. I tried scoring game 1 myself today but I had to give up.  It’s near impossible to make out the players numbers so you have to have a reliable play by play. Unfortunately these guys suck. Hell, they don’t even know who made the last shot half the time.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you think Summer Pro League is garbage that’s fine with me. Just don’t ruin it for the people having hoops withdrawals that actually look forward to these games.

Later tonight I’ll post a recap of today’s games.

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