Vegas Summer Pro League: Day 1


Game 1: Houston Rockets73 Golden State Warriors 69 boxscore

Top Performers

James White: G/F, Rockets: 14pts, 5reb

Joey Dorsey: F/C, Rockets: 8pts, 12 reb, 2blk

Anthony Randolph: F, Warriors: 20pts, 10reb, 9fouls

Stephen Curry: G, Warriors: 16pts, 3ast, 2stl, 4TO, 7fouls, 4-14FG, 3-83pt


Chase Budinger: G, Rockets: 11pts, 5 rebounds

Acie Law: G, Warriors: 8pts, 4ast, 4TO

Game 2: Detroit Pistons 86 Sacramento Kings 77 boxscore

Top Performers

DaJuan Summers: F, Pistons: 24pts, 7reb, 2stl, 9-15FG

Michael Bramos: F, Pistons: 13pts, 5-6FG

Jason Thompson: C, Kings: 15pts, 3reb

Tyreke Evans: G, Kings: 15pts, 2ast, 4TO, 7-10FT


Donte Greene: G, Kings: 11pts, 7 rebounds

Game 3: LA Lakers 85 Toronto Raptors 84 boxscore

Top Performers

Adam  Morrison: F, Lakers: 24pts, 5reb, 2blk, 9-17FG

Ben McCauley: F, Lakers: 24pts, 15reb, 12-19FG

Patrick O’Bryant: C, Raptors: 15pts, 5reb, 7-9FG

Roko Ukic: G, Raptors: 16pts, 3ast, 2stl, 5-9FG


David Monds: F, Lakers: 17pts, 3 reb

DeMar DeRozan: G, Kings: 10pts, 5reb, 5-12FG

Quincy Douby: G, Kings, 16pts, 3reb

Game 4: Milwaukee Bucks 65 Dallas Mavericks 59 boxscore

Top Performers

Jody Meeks: G, Bucks: 14pts, 6-9FG, 1-3pt

Joe Alexander: F, Bucks: 14pts, 7reb, 4-18FG

Ahmad Nivins:F, Mavs: 19pts, 6reb, 6Fouls, 8-10FG


Brandon Jennings: G, Bucks: 10pts, 3 reb, 3ast, 2stl, 2 TO, 3-12FG


Shocker in Belgrade: Russia Upsets U.S.

usa-logo-colorTeam USA lost their semifinal game vs Russia 68-69 today in the World University Games . Both teams shot poorly from the field but Russia managed to come out on top.

According to Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News, “Russia’s Nikita Shabalkin hit a 3-pointer with 23.3 seconds left to push his team past the U.S., which had led most of the second half. The U.S. had two shots at victory – one by Penn State guard Talor Battle, another by Purdue’s Robbie Hummel – but were unable to convert.”

Nikita Shabalkin

6'9" 236lb Forward Nikita Shabalkin

Shabalkin grabbed 8 boards and led all players in scoring with 20. Russian 7footer Alexey Zhukanenko put together a double double with 13points and 10rebounds. Other key Russian contributors included Euvgeniy Kolesnikov with 13points and 8boards and Alexy Kotishevskiy with 11points and 7 boards.

Purdue Boilermaker, Robbie Hummel and Villanova’s Corey Fisher led the way for the US with 14 points a piece.  UNC’s Deon Thompson had a nice game as well with 12points and 11boards. click here for the full boxscore.

The US will face Israel tomorrow in the Bronze medal game. Russia will face the host team Serbia in the finals.

On another note, why aren’t these games being televised here in the States? Most people probably didn’t even know these games were happening. Summertime sucks for watching sports in TV.  There’s baseball and that’s it. Why doesn’t a network cover these games. I’m sure at the very least these would draw better ratings than the WNBA, Lacrosse or half the other crap ESPN airs to fill time.

Orlando Summer Pro League: Final Standings & Stats


Team_________W _L _PCT__GB__ PPG __OppPPG_ Margin

Indiana Pacers           5  0   1.00     _     84.0      75.2        +8.8   team stats
OKC Thunder             3  2   .600     2     82.6      76.4        +6.2   team stats
Utah Jazz                   3  2   .600     2     76.0      78.8        -2.2   team stats
Boston Celtics            2  3   .400     3     86.2      81.0        +5.2   team stats
Orlando Magic            2  3   .400     3     81.6      83.2        -1.6    team stats
NJ/PHI Nexers            0  6   .000     6     72.4      88.2       +15.8  team stats

Individual Leaders

(Min 3Games Played)

Points Per Game

1. 22.3   Russell Westbrook, G, Oklahoma City Thunder
2. 23.2   Ryan Anderson, F, Orlando Magic
3. 20.2   Roy Hibbert, C, Indiana Pacers
4. 18.2   Tyler Hansbrough, F, Indiana Pacers
5. 14.8   James Harden, G, OKC Thunder & Kasib Powell, F, Orlando Magic

Rebounds Per Game

1.   9.4   Ryan Anderson, F, Orlando Magic
2.   9.0   Roy Hibbert, C, Indiana Pacers
3.   7.3   Richard Hendrix, F, Orlando Magic
4.   6.6   Marreese Speights, F, NJ/PHI Nexers
4.   6.6   Terrance Williams, F, NJ/PHI Nexers

Assists Per Game

1.  7.8   Russell Westbrook, G, Oklahoma City Thunder
2.  4.8   Gabe Pruitt, G, Boston Celtics
3.  4.0   Shaun Livingston, G, Oklahoma City Thunder
4.  3.2   Eric Maynor, G, Utah Jazz
4.  3.2   A.J. Price, G, Indiana Pacers

Steals Per Game

1.   2.5   Russell Westbrook, G, Oklahoma City Thunder
2.   1.8   James Harden, G, Oklahoma City Thunder
3.   1.6   Jrue Holliday, G, NJ/PHI Nexers
3.   1.6   Terrance Williams, F, NJ/PHI Nexers
5.   1.3   several tied

Blocks Per Game

1.   2.2  Marreese Speights, F, NJ/PHI Nexers
2.   1.8  Roy Hibbert, C, Indiana Pacers
2.   1.8  Richard Hendrix, F, Orlando Magic
4.   1.5  Serge Ibaka, F, Oklahoma City Thunder
4.   1.5  Kyle Weaver, G, Oklahoma City Thunder

Turnovers Per Game

1.  5.0   Russell Westbrook, G, Oklahoma City Thunder
2.  4.0   Terrance Williams, F, NJ/PHI Nexers
3.  3.4   Jrue Holliday, G, NJ/PHI Nexers
4.  3.2   Roy Hibbert, C, Indiana Pacers
4.  2.4   J.R. Giddens, G, Boston Celtics


1.  15   Chris Lofton, G, Boston Celtics, .600%
2.  12   Ryan Anderson, F, Orlando Magic .414%
3.   9   Kasib Powell, F, Orlando Magic .444%
4.   8   A.J. Price, G, Indiana Pacers .571%
5.   7   Josh Duncan, F, Utah Jazz .778%

FG% (min 15 attempts)

1. .724   Josh Duncan, F, Utah Jazz
2. .679   Serge Ibaka, F, Oklahoma City Thunder
3. .667   Robert Swift, C, Boston Celtics
4. .633   Roy Hibbert, C, Indiana Pacers
5. .561   D.J. White, F, Oklahoma City Thunder

FT% (min. 12 attempts)

1. .920   Ryan Anderson, F, Orlando Magic
2. .917   Leo Lyons, F, Indiana Pacers
2. .917   Russell Robinson, G, Orlando Magic
4. .882   Marreese Speights, F, NJ/PHI Nexers
5. .854   Tyler Hansbrough, F, Indiana Pacers

Orlando Summer Pro League: Day 5

Game 1: Jazz 70 Thunder 60 boxscore

This was close game throughout the 1st half but the Jazz dominated the 2nd half and cruised to victory. As usual the Jazz sported a well balanced scoring attack with 4 players reaching double figures. Josh Duncan led the way with 12points. Former Tennessee St. Tiger, Larry Turner controlled the glass with 12 rebounds.

Russell Westbrook has been one of the top players in this league but he sat today’s game out. DJ White scored a game high 17points. Shaun Livingston had a solid game with 12points, 4 assists and 5 boards. Rookie James Harden also contributed 14points, 5rebounds and 4 steals to the losing effort.

Game 2: Celtics 92 Nexers 79 boxscore

The Nexers completed their quest to go win less with the loss today. The Nexers only bothered to dress 7 players for today’s beatdown. Panama native, Gary Forbes led the Nexers with 19points. Marreese Speights 13points and Chris Douglas-Roberts 15points also reached double figures for NJ/PHI.

Nick Fazekas 22points and 9rebounds was the Celtics top performer. Gabe Pruitt has a nice game running the point with 13points 9 assists and 3 steals.

Game 3: Pacers 68 Magic 54 boxscore

2009 Vegas Summer League Preview

The Vegas Summer Pro League kicks starts today at 3PM CST. This is much larger and higher profile than the Orlando SPL. Unfortunately you can’t watch this one for free. You can watch all games online here for a fee of $14.99. The video quality should be much better than the Orlando SPL but that price is a little steep for SPL. Don’t worry though, the Pub will do our best to keep you updated on the action.

The Games from July 10-19 click here for the complete schedule

Teams (Click for Roster)

Chicago Bulls

Who we’re watching: Bryan Mullins: Mullins is a personal favorite of mine just because I really enjoyed watching him run the point at SIU for 4 years. It’s unlikely that he’ll ever make an NBA roster but he should have a lengthy career overseas.

Juilus Hodge: Hodge was a prolific scorer during his brief career in the NBA. Many beleived the kid would be a star in the NBA.

James Johnson & Taj Gibson: These guys were 1st round picks for the Bulls so they will be make the team regardless of their performance. Johnson could be a sleeper for ROY.
Cleveland Cavaliers

Danny Green: Green was a 2nd round pick for the Cavs and I really like his upside. He is a freakish athlete that has developed a reliable jumper. When it’s all said and done I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned out to be the best UNC alum in this draft class.

Christian Eyenga: The Cavs drafted this 6’5″ swingman from the Congo with last pick of the 1st round. Guess we’ll see if he has the skills or upside to warrant a 1st rd selection.

Dallas Mavericks

Nick Calathes: Calathes was a 2nd round selection by the Mavs and he’s reportedly going to play the next season or 2 in Greeece but it still should be interesting to see how he performs in Vegas.

Ahmad Nivins: Nivins was beast in post during his days at St. Joe’s. It’s unlikely that he’ll make an NBA roster but he could develop into a solid role player for an NBAin the future.

Denver Nuggets

Ty Lawson: Critics saw Lawson is too short and too injury prone to succede in the NBA. I think the Nuggets were smart to trade for him shortly after Minnesota drafted him in the 1st rd. He should devlop into an excellent PG backing up Billups.

Detroit Pistons

Michael Bramos: Bramos will prboably never make it the NBA but I really enjoyed watching him in college.

DaJaun Summers: Summers has a lot of upside but it may take a season or 2 of development before he turns into a reliable NBA player.

Austin Daye: The Pistons 1st rd pick and former Gonzaga Bulldog needs to add about 20lbs but I thought the same thing about Tayshaun Prince. I doubt he’ll ever be a starter in ther NBA but who knows.

Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry: All eyes will be on Curry. Will he tear up opposing defenses running the point or simply end up as a 3pt specialist?

Houston Rockets
Chase Budinger: Budinger could develop into the greatest ginger the NBA has seen since the days of Bill Walton. He can flat out jump out the gym and has a solid offensive repertoire.

James White: Coming out of High School White was touted as a can’t miss NBA prospect. Things didn’t quite pan out for Mr. White but it’ll be interesting to see if he can work his way onto an NBA roster.

Los Angeles Clippers

Blake Griffin: Not much of a question here. The #1 pick will be good. It’s just a matter of how good. Will he develop into a superstar or be a solid 18-10 guy?

Eric Gordon: The combo of Gordon and Griffin may just make the Clippers the team to beat. Wow did I just say the LA Clips are the team to beat? Yep it’s summer pro league.
Los Angeles Lakers

Mustafa Shakur: Shakur had an excellent college career. He may not ever pan out to be a productive PG in the NBA but I’ll still watch every time he plays just because I enjoyed his collegiate career.

Memphis Grizzlies

Hasheem Thabeet: There no question about whether or not Thabeet can play defense. It’s all a matter of how he develops his offensive game. Even without offense Thabeet should have a long NBA career as a defensive big man.

SamYoung: Young was amazing for Pittsburgh. It’ll be interesting to see how his NBA career pans out.

Donta Smith: The former Hawk was a 2nd round pick out of SE Illinois CC in 2004. He was viewed as a player with a lot of upside but his NBA career ended up being brief as he has ended up playing pro ball in Europe.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks are loaded with players to watch. Brandon Jennings, Joe Alexander, Jodie Meeks, Dominic James and Salim Stoudamire are players to keep an eye on.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Gerald Henderson & Wayne Ellington:

NBA D-League Select

Curtis Stinson: OK he probably doesn’t have what it takes to play in the NBA. However he’s another one of the guys that I enjoyed watching in college.

New Orleans Hornets

Luke Nevill:

Darren Collison:

Julian Wright:
New York Knicks

Wink Adams:

Toney Douglas:

Patrick Ewing Jr.:

Jordan Hill:

Nikoloz Tskitishvili:

Oklahoma City Thunder

James Harden:

Shaun Livingston:

Byron Mullens:

Serge Ibaka:

Phoenix Suns

Robin Lopez:

Micah Downs:

Earl Clark:

Portland Trail Blazers

Patrick Mills:

Pooh Jeter:

Sacramento Kings

Tyreke Evans:

Jon Brockman:

Jason Thompson:

San Antonio Spurs

DeJuan Blair:

Jack McClinton:

George Hill:
Toronto Raptors

DeMar Derozan:

Patrick O’Bryant

Smush Parker:

Washington Wizards

Tyrese Rice:

Josh Heytvelt:

JaVale McGee:

Nick Young: