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Banks Calls out Sosa: Game Show Idea

Ernie Banks has decided it’s time for Sammy Sosa to come clean about his PED use. In case you missed the story here’s a link.

I say great idea Mr. Banks. However I think we should start a Game show out of this.

If a player that played from  late 60’s-80’s calls out a player from the 90s to come clean about PED use then the player doing the calling out of the alleged steroid user must do one of the following in front of a live audience:

  1. Come clean about his own use of amphetamines or any other illegal drug
  2. If he honestly was 100%  clean then he must get a known user from his era to come clean

Once one of the above conditions has been met, the player from the “Steroid Era” must then come clean about his own Performance Enhancing Drug Use.

Also, all contestants must take a polygraph to make sure that there is no cheating going on.

Prizes awarded to all contestants include: I’m a Cheater T-Shirts or I’m a Snitch Belt-Buckles and either a free hookup from a speed dealer named Paco or a free hook-up from a guy from my gym that knows a guy who’s cousin has a buddy that can get you the juice.

Two more things the show must have: half-naked girls and lots of beer.

The media coverage of the “Steroid Era” is already a circus so this game-show couldn’t hurt.

Attention TV Networks: That’s you MLBTV, SpikeTV, FoxSports Alaska, Versus, HBO, ComedyCentral, PBS,  BBC or whoever (I don’t care what network it is as long as I get paid) the show is available. Contact me if  interested. Better make it quick, HTV in Vietnam is showing very strong interest in the show. And if you can’t beat their offer of 3 bags of rice then don’t even waste my time.

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