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Baseball’s Most Unbreakable Records

Merriman is a proven steroid user. Why is there no public outcry to have him banned from football?

In the NFL, players caught juicing get suspended 4 games and return to action. Football fans continue to embrace the player and seem to forget overnight that he was caught breaking the rules. The NBA doesn’t even test for steroids. I have no doubt that there are past and present players in that league that have used an illegal performance enhancer at one point or another. Especially when they are re-habbing an injury. Basketball fans don’t seem to care much about the juice. So this begs the question……Why do people get so angry about steroids in baseball?

Some people are just plain idiots. However the main reason people get hot about steroids in baseball is the numbers. I understand that. Other sports do have important records. But no other sport perceives numbers to be sacred like baseball. So many people get pissed off when they find out many recent sluggers were possibly artificially enhancing their home run totals. If you’ve read any of my other posts then you would know that I believe most steroid bashers to be illogical hypocrites. But I’m not pro-PED. I wish the era of illegal substance use in baseball never happened. But no matter what we do it will always be there. Erasing history, tainted or not, just isn’t right. Nazis burn books and totalitarian regimes try to hide and manipulate history. I’d like to believe that here in the US we are better than that.

Altering the public's perception of history is what Nazis do.

So let’s keep all the records set by alleged juicers. No asterisks, erasing their totals from the record book or denying them the Hall of Fame. In the future we’ll tell their story and make sure that no one ever forgets that PEDs likely enhanced their numbers. You may be saying “but Barry Bonds doesn’t deserve to be the home-run king”. Yes he was an arrogant piece of trash that used illegal substances but he is the All-Time Home Run king. You can’t blame him for MLB’s lack of effort to eliminate PEDs from the game. You don’t like it tough. Maybe you should try embracing Josh Gibson as the all-time leader. Or better yet, embrace Sadaharu Oh’s 868 HR’s he hit in Japan. Maybe that will hold you over until Albert Pujols breaks the record or you decide to stop acting like a child about the HR list.

Sadaharu Oh

Don't want to embrace the US HR champ? No problem embrace Oh!

Moving along, if you’re pissed about the tainted HR totals then it’s time to start embracing other records. Chicks dig the long ball but there’s much more to baseball than HRs.  For example look at the list below.

Single Season

Triples: Chief Wilson 36 in 1912

Batting Average: Nap Lajoie .426 in 1901

Wins: Jack Chesbro 41 in 1904

Hitting Streak: 56 Joe Dimaggio 1941

Doubles: Earl Webb 67 1931

Extra Base Hits: Babe Ruth 1921 119

Runs: Babe Ruth 177 1921

Total Bases: 457 Babe Ruth 1921


Triples: Sam Crawford 309

Wins: Cy Young 511

ERA: 1.82 Ed Walsh

Doubles:792 Tris Speaker

AVG: .366 Ty Cobb

Sam Crawford

Wahoo Sam's Triple record is more impressive than the HR record

These are some absolutely insane numbers. Isn’t batting .426 for a season more impressive than 72 HRs? How about 36 triples in a season? If we as fans held these numbers to the same high regard as HRs then players would strive to break these records.


2 Responses

  1. Let me add to your baseball stats worthy of respect.
    Without saying 73 or 762.
    Barry Bonds holds the Major League career records of 13-consecutive 30-HR seasons,
    13 campaigns with 100-or-more walks (tied with Ruth),
    2,426 lifetime bases on balls
    and 688 intentional walks (450 more than #2 spot Willy McCovy. Barry matched his late father, Bobby, for ML record with 5 different 30 HR/30 SB seasons.
    Bonds is 1 of 4 players to reach 40-40 plateau in 1996.
    Bonds has the NL-record of 12 seasons with at least 100 RBI, and has matched Aaron with 8 different 40-HR campaigns…
    Bonds has 9 gold gloves and 13 silver sluggers awards.
    2004 Bonds set the single season record for:
    walks (232), intentional walks (120) and OBP(.609)
    He also won a silver slugger and the NL MVP in 2004 with HRs(45) HR pct.(12.06) and OPS (1.422)
    Babe Ruth hit all his Home runs off of 216 different pitchers…
    Barry Bonds holds the Major League record of hitting Home runs off of 454 different pitchers!
    Barry Bonds has won an unprecedented 7 National League MVP Awards (1990, ’92, ’93, 2001, ’02, ’03 and ’04).
    No MLB player has won more than 3 total.
    In 2002 the MVP vote was a unanimous choice for Nonds as he was listed 1st on all 32 ballots submitted to score perfect 448 points.
    Barry Bonds is 1 of only 2 athletes in 4 major professional sports (baseball, basketball, football and hockey) to win 7 MVP Awards! NHL’s Wayne Gretzky has 9, BONDS (7), NBA’s Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (6) Jorden (5)…
    Bonds is the 1st & only player in Major League history to win 4 consecutive MVPs (2001-2004) and NO player has won more than 2 in a row!
    He was also the 1st baseball player to win 2-straight years at 2 different times in his career (1992-93 and 2001-04).
    Barry Bonds is the lone member of baseball’s 500 homer/500 steal club. There are very few active players today who could possibly reach the 300/300 club (home to Willy Mays, Bobby Bonds, Dawson, Sanders and Finley) In the 2010 season A-roid would become a member by stealing 3 bases. The next closest would be “Sheffroid” and “SoROIDano” but both of them need to really work for it.
    NOBODY (except Barry Bonds) is in the 400/400 or even close. If there ever is a player good enough to become a member in the Elite 500/500 club…
    Pujols might break the HR record IF he doesn’t get hit by a pitch and fracture his wrist or pull a hamstring, fall into a proverbial slump as his body ages or worse, pitchers start walking him like they tried to do with Bonds to hold him back… But to no avail. Regardless what Pujols acomplishes in his career, he will never be considered a 5 tool player or an equal to BARY BONDS!

  2. All impressive stats. However the point of the article was that if people don’t like steroids and/or Bonds then they should just start embracing other records. Such as the one’s listed.

    The issue most would have with the walks is that they’d say Bonds wouldn’t have achieved those without the use of PEDs so to avoid going into that topic the walks were left off the list.

    40-40 Club…Like you said Bonds is 1 of 4 players in it so I didn’t feel that was worthy as one of the most unbreakable records.

    NL record 12 100RBI seasons…It’s just an NL record so it doesn’t deserve a spot on the list and barring injury Pujols needs just 4 more 100RBI season to surpass Bonds. And the 8 seasons of 40+ actually ARod also has reached that plateau so its hardly one of the most unbreakable records.

    Gold gloves and silver sluggers definitely don’t deserve a spot on the most unbreakable list.

    Bonds ’04 season was epic but most won’t accept the numbers due to PED use. So like I said before I was posting records that can be embraced without having to get into the PED debate.

    HRs off different pitchers…falls under the if you talk about this people will bring up PEDs. And the comparison to Ruth isn’t neccesarily valid. Expansion, longer season’s, more use of bullpens and interleague means that players nowadays face many more pitchers than players in previous eras did.

    7 MVPs…I’m not a big fan of putting awards that are not purely statistical achievements into the category of unbreakable records. 7 likely won’t be broke. Pujols has 3 at age 29 just like Bonds but I doubt he’ll play as long as Bonds. But in addition to this not being a stat I couldn’t list it as an unbreakable record because people will bring up PEDs.

    4 consecutive MVPs impressive but for the reasons listed above it didn’t make the list.

    500/500 I think Bonds will be the lone player in that category for a long time however once again people will bring up the discussion I was trying to avoid with the list.

    Barry was a 5 tool player and Pujols is not. In the grand scheme of things is being a 5 tool player really better than some other things that can be accomplished during a career? Pujols will never get anywhere near Bonds SB numbers. But he will however end up with more Runs, Higher BA, more TB, more 2B and more hits. Plus he’s already won a WS and likely will win more. Its also worth noting that he’s not perceived as an arrogant jerk by the media and his teammates. Whether its right or wrong, that can go along way in determining how the fans perceive a player. So HR record or not I believe that Pujols, barring any injury will go down as the better hitter and be held in much higher regard than Bonds.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not the type of person that discredits Bonds because of suspected PED use. As you can see with previous postings I do not believe in ignoring the accomplishments of those that played during the ‘steroid era’. However, for the reasons stated above I left Bonds off my list of MLB’s “Most unbreakable records”.

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