If you still rely on ESPN….

for sports news then you probably should wake up and start getting your news elsewhere. ESPN has turned into the tmz of the sports world. ESPN is kind of like MTV. Once upon a time ESPN was a great sports network. However over time they’ve began transforming into a network that specializes in starting and spreading rumors.


My advice?
If you want quality MLB coverage….watch MLB network. If you don’t get MLB network then switch to a package or service that will give it to you. If you’re a true baseball fan then you won’t regret making the switch and getting to watch something other that the crap that spews out of people like Buster Olney’s mouth.

Quality NFL & NBA? Get NFL network or NBAtv.

Quality College Sports coverage? Well, TV wise you’ve go to stick with ESPN unless you happen to be a fan of a team that has their own tv network. With the exception of having to listen to the senile loudmouth Vitale I don’t have that big of an issue with the “mothership’s” coverage of college hoops.

Sports Radio?
First and foremost I’d say check you’re local AM sports stations. Otherwise check out ESPN defector Dan Patrick’s show. I’ve become a huge fan of the DP show and watch it anytime I get a chance.

ESPN used to be a great sports network. Now its nothing but a rumor mill. If you live outside the northeast or in a smaller market then you’ve probably switched to other sources for news. But in case you haven’t, it’s time to stop being a sheep. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

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