Only Fitting

Just a few hours after my last post Carlos Zambrano goes berserk on Derrek Lee and any one or anything that gets in his way.

Big Z has been suspended indefinitely and it has been reported that he went into another temper tantrum as a camera crew filmed him leaving the stadium. I’m sure more on that will reported later.


Disgruntled on the Northside

This isn’t exactly breaking news. Fans of the so called “Lovable Losers” are pissed off. Given the performance of that team I don’t blame them. It seems that this year the level of frustration is the highest its been in several years. The moderate success of the recent additions from the scrap heap, Aaron Miles, Randy Winn and Jeff Suppan, can only elevate a Cub fan’s blood pressure. As a Cardinal fan I can always gauge how pissed off the fans are by the number and quality of insults I hear from those “fans”. When the Cubs are playing well I may hear an occasional Cardinals suck thrown my way. When things are going piss poor, the insults come at first site of a Cards logo. Thats when you get the good insults with subjects such as, Josh Hancock, Darryl Kile, DUIs and Steroids. And they especially love bitch about Cardinal fans being considered by some as arguably the best in baseball.

I love the hate. It just reassures me that the season is going favorably for the Cards. While they count down the days until Jim Hendry and Lou Pinella get their pink slips I can enjoy watching the Cards make their push for a division crown.

Saturday Recap

World Cup

USA vs England: I decided to give Soccer a chance. However, it didn’t last long. I watched about 10 agonizing minutes of this match and I had to turn it. I just can’t see myself enjoying soccer on TV ever. Having said that, the atmosphere did look amazing. I wouldn’t mind attending the World Cup and watching one game in person.

Major League Lacrosse

Major League Lacrosse

Lacrosse is sort of similar to soccer. The only difference is that Lacrosse is played at a much faster pace with more contact and more scoring. Outside of PE class back in High School, I’ve never played Lacrosse but I’ve been getting more and more into this sport. Yesterday, Denver Outlaws at Boston Cannons was aired live on ESPN2. Boston came out on top 17-12. I’ll leave the complete recap of the game to the pros.I’m not quite a lacrosse buff yet and I can only name a handful of players of the top of my head but I really enjoyed watching this. I’ll take lacrosse over soccer any day. And I highly recommend that you try watching lacrosse if you already done so.

Pujols Hurting

The Cards got hammered last night by the D-Backs. The Cards were forced to go with the youngster Adam Ottavino. Ottavino has shown that he has the potential to be a big league starter but I don’t think he’s quite there yet. So the loss in its self is not a big surprise to me. The bigger story here is the health of Albert Pujols. People have been talking nearly all year about something just isn’t right with Pujols. He’s now batting only .296. I have some serious concerns about his health at this point. Last night he was wearing a compression sleeve on his bad elbow. Granted, a compression sleeve in itself doesn’t indicate pain since many other players wear them when healthy. However, Pujols hasn’t been one of those guys in the past. I don’t know for certain that he’s hurt. But I’ve been watching this guy his whole career and to me something just doesn’t look right. Elbow problems? Back problems? I’d lean towards the problem being the elbow but back issues could also be the culprit. All season Pujols has gone through stretches where he’s very bad and the short stretches were he’s on fire. This just isn’t the consistency we’re used to seeing out of him. And given the nature of back injuries, maybe the inconsistencies are being cause by a bad back. Again, I am no doctor and this is merely speculation on my part. After writing this Pujols will probably go 3-4 with 1HR and 5RBI tonight. But the question is will another unusually cold streak follow his next hot streak? If the answer is yes, then I believe that he must really be hurting.

To World Cup or Not to World Cup?

Speaking of fake fans. I’m currently debating whether or not I should make an attempt to follow the upcoming World Cup. I’ve got a couple buddies that are soccer fans (though rare some are actually native to America) and they keep telling me, “Man, you’ve got to at least watch the World Cup.” On one hand it seems that I’D become what I despise most a “fake fan” and/or “bandwagon fan”. On the other hand it’s similar to the Olympics so I believe Olympic Rules do apply. {Olympic Rules: It’s ok to watch a sport you know nothing about as long as you are under the influence of national pride} I suppose bandwagonism will not apply in this case because even I know the US has not shot at winning this thing. Maybe just maybe, I’ll pay this sport known as “futbol” in the rest of the world some temporary attention. I’ll keep you updated on my status.

Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup

Breaking news!

I just received a text message informing me the Blackhawks won Lord Stanley’s Cup tonight. I really don’t care. It’s funny though because the person I received the text from has only been following hockey for maybe 2 weeks. He denies it but he is the definition of a bandwagon fan.

Why is there still hockey being played in June? Isn’t hockey a winter sport? Why don’t they crown their champion in the proper hockey environment? I’m talking sub-zero temperatures, on a frozen pond or lake and with no protective gear. And why is there no Canadian team in the championship series? It just doesn’t seem right if there isn’t at least one team from a city north of the border.

I don’t follow hockey at all. Don’t get me wrong I respect hockey and the athletes that play it but I have absolutely no desire to follow the sport closely. If it’s on at a bar I’ll watch it. If I’m offered a ticket to a Blues game I’ll go. But I don’t think I could even name 10 NHL players. If you love hockey, that’s cool. It’s just not for me. Just please don’t be one of those guys that suddenly acts like he loves hockey just because the team from his favorite city is kicking ass.

In the event that the  Blues ever win the Cup, I promise I will not turn into a  fake hockey fan.

Change is Coming

Once again, I’ve let the Pub go silent. Given the limited number of patrons I really doubt many people have missed my posts.

Regardless, I’m going to make a few changes and bring the Pub back to life. The new and improved should be ready within the next two weeks.