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Blackhawks Win Stanley Cup

Breaking news!

I just received a text message informing me the Blackhawks won Lord Stanley’s Cup tonight. I really don’t care. It’s funny though because the person I received the text from has only been following hockey for maybe 2 weeks. He denies it but he is the definition of a bandwagon fan.

Why is there still hockey being played in June? Isn’t hockey a winter sport? Why don’t they crown their champion in the proper hockey environment? I’m talking sub-zero temperatures, on a frozen pond or lake and with no protective gear. And why is there no Canadian team in the championship series? It just doesn’t seem right if there isn’t at least one team from a city north of the border.

I don’t follow hockey at all. Don’t get me wrong I respect hockey and the athletes that play it but I have absolutely no desire to follow the sport closely. If it’s on at a bar I’ll watch it. If I’m offered a ticket to a Blues game I’ll go. But I don’t think I could even name 10 NHL players. If you love hockey, that’s cool. It’s just not for me. Just please don’t be one of those guys that suddenly acts like he loves hockey just because the team from his favorite city is kicking ass.

In the event that the  Blues ever win the Cup, I promise I will not turn into a  fake hockey fan.

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