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To World Cup or Not to World Cup?

Speaking of fake fans. I’m currently debating whether or not I should make an attempt to follow the upcoming World Cup. I’ve got a couple buddies that are soccer fans (though rare some are actually native to America) and they keep telling me, “Man, you’ve got to at least watch the World Cup.” On one hand it seems that I’D become what I despise most a “fake fan” and/or “bandwagon fan”. On the other hand it’s similar to the Olympics so I believe Olympic Rules do apply. {Olympic Rules: It’s ok to watch a sport you know nothing about as long as you are under the influence of national pride} I suppose bandwagonism will not apply in this case because even I know the US has not shot at winning this thing. Maybe just maybe, I’ll pay this sport known as “futbol” in the rest of the world some temporary attention. I’ll keep you updated on my status.

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