A Common Sense MLB Realignment Plan

In case you missed it Buster Olney reported that MLB and the players association are talking about realignment. In short the plan would send the Astros to the AL evening the leagues out at 15 per league. Interleague play would be a constant part of scheduling. There would be no divisions and the top 5 teams from each league would make the playoffs.

There obvious flaws with this version of baseball. First off, there would be NO PENNANT RACES! Yeah it makes perfect sense to get rid of one of the most exciting aspects of baseball. Actually that’s all I’m going to say about the flaws. Anyone with half a brain will see the other major issues with this proposal.

Any ways it’s time to get down to business.  If MLB insists on changing the current format I’d propose the following solution:

  • The leagues stay same. 14 in the AL 16 in the NL.
  • Inter-league play is abolished.(Optional)
  • The DH is abolished.(My Biggest wish but the player’s union will never allow it)
  • AL & NL both eliminate a division and go back to the 2 division format.
  • Division winners get automatic playoff berth and 1 round bye.
  • 4 wild card spots per league go to the 4 best non division winning teams.

This proposal would satisfy the league’s desire to get more team in the playoffs. And it actually adds 2 more teams than the bogus proposal reported by Buster Olney. More importantly this keeps the League’s separate and end of the season pennant races in tact.

On paper it looks like this proposal would expand the season too much. However my vision of the playoffs would be the first round made up wild-card teams would be a best of 3series that is completed in 3 consecutive days. The divisional Round would then start immediately on the 4th day of the playoffs. Doing it this way gives the division winners a real reward and condenses the playoff schedule. From this point forward the playoffs would be the same format as now. But once again I’d propose that there would be fewer off days to keep things moving and prevent a November World Series.

MLB Proposed Playoff Bracket

Here's how this common sense approach would look.


MLB Realignment Plan Sucks

How can anyone think the proposed no division format is a good idea?

Bud Selig needs to be removed from office if it happens.

If MLB wants to shake things up they should keep it simple.

I’ll post my own common sense plan tonight.

Anthony Rizzo ETA Wednesday?

Reports are saying Rizzo will finally be promoted to the big leagues this Wednesday. It’s been well publicised that Brad Hawpe has been fielding balls in Right Field and tonight he’s pencilled in as the Padres starting RF. The Padres have likely kept Rizzo stashed away long enough to avoid Super 2 eligibility so it’s safe to say that barring an injury he’ll be with the big club by the end of the week.

If he’s still available in your fantasy league you should grab him now! Especially in NL-Only formats.

Most Ridiculous Trade Idea of The Week

As a Cards fan I often find myself browsing the latest posts on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Cardinals forum. I’m not a member of the forums but for some reason I can’t resist clicking the latest posts link on the side of the sports page. Anyways here’s the inaugural winner of the most Ridiculous Trade for this week:

Cardinals Trade: Mitchell Boggs or Jason Motte + Chris Carpenter + Colby Rasmus

Mets Trade: Francisco Rodriguez

Credit to this idea goes to a poster named bdaniel1984 and you can read the entire thread here.

This guy wants to give up a decent reliever, a starter with an expiring contract and a young cost controlled everyday CF for a very expensive closer who’s talent’s are on the decline. Who in their right mind would give up 3 contributors, especially a highly regarded young centerfielder for an aging one innning guy?

What an IDIOT! I can’t help but laugh at the idiotic trade ideas I see people post in forums and blogs.

Congratulations bdaniel1984 on winning this prestigious honor.

I hate bashing a fellow Cards fans and as a whole I truly believe Cards fans are among the best fans in baseball. However I do not feel that online forums give an accurate representation of any team’s fan base.