Most Ridiculous Trade Idea of The Week

As a Cards fan I often find myself browsing the latest posts on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Cardinals forum. I’m not a member of the forums but for some reason I can’t resist clicking the latest posts link on the side of the sports page. Anyways here’s the inaugural winner of the most Ridiculous Trade for this week:

Cardinals Trade: Mitchell Boggs or Jason Motte + Chris Carpenter + Colby Rasmus

Mets Trade: Francisco Rodriguez

Credit to this idea goes to a poster named bdaniel1984 and you can read the entire thread here.

This guy wants to give up a decent reliever, a starter with an expiring contract and a young cost controlled everyday CF for a very expensive closer who’s talent’s are on the decline. Who in their right mind would give up 3 contributors, especially a highly regarded young centerfielder for an aging one innning guy?

What an IDIOT! I can’t help but laugh at the idiotic trade ideas I see people post in forums and blogs.

Congratulations bdaniel1984 on winning this prestigious honor.

I hate bashing a fellow Cards fans and as a whole I truly believe Cards fans are among the best fans in baseball. However I do not feel that online forums give an accurate representation of any team’s fan base.

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