If you still rely on ESPN….

for sports news then you probably should wake up and start getting your news elsewhere. ESPN has turned into the tmz of the sports world. ESPN is kind of like MTV. Once upon a time ESPN was a great sports network. However over time they’ve began transforming into a network that specializes in starting and spreading rumors.

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USA takes Bronze at World University Games

USA basketball bounced back from yesterday’s upset to beat Israel 91-80 in the Bronze Medal Match.

Team USA was led by Lazar Hayward who finished with 14points and 9 rebounds. Da’Sean Butler and Taylor Battle finished with 13 and 12 points respectively.

Elishay Kadir lead the Israelis with 28points and 9rebounds. full boxscore

Serbia Blasts Russia for Gold

Host team Serbia dominated this one from the start beating Russia 73-51. 5’11” Nemanja Protic led Serbia going 7-13 from the field to finish with 19points.

Yesterday’s hero for the Russia’s Nikita Shabalkin grabbed 6 boards and was held to just 11points by the stingy Serbian Defense. Alexy Kotishevskiy led the Russian’s in scoring with just 13 points. full boxscore

Shocker in Belgrade: Russia Upsets U.S.

usa-logo-colorTeam USA lost their semifinal game vs Russia 68-69 today in the World University Games . Both teams shot poorly from the field but Russia managed to come out on top.

According to Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News, “Russia’s Nikita Shabalkin hit a 3-pointer with 23.3 seconds left to push his team past the U.S., which had led most of the second half. The U.S. had two shots at victory – one by Penn State guard Talor Battle, another by Purdue’s Robbie Hummel – but were unable to convert.”

Nikita Shabalkin

6'9" 236lb Forward Nikita Shabalkin

Shabalkin grabbed 8 boards and led all players in scoring with 20. Russian 7footer Alexey Zhukanenko put together a double double with 13points and 10rebounds. Other key Russian contributors included Euvgeniy Kolesnikov with 13points and 8boards and Alexy Kotishevskiy with 11points and 7 boards.

Purdue Boilermaker, Robbie Hummel and Villanova’s Corey Fisher led the way for the US with 14 points a piece.  UNC’s Deon Thompson had a nice game as well with 12points and 11boards. click here for the full boxscore.

The US will face Israel tomorrow in the Bronze medal game. Russia will face the host team Serbia in the finals.

On another note, why aren’t these games being televised here in the States? Most people probably didn’t even know these games were happening. Summertime sucks for watching sports in TV.  There’s baseball and that’s it. Why doesn’t a network cover these games. I’m sure at the very least these would draw better ratings than the WNBA, Lacrosse or half the other crap ESPN airs to fill time.

High Schooler Jeremy Tyler Going Pro

Oversees that is. Big man and possibly the top prospect from the class of 2010, Jeremy Tyler, has decided to fore-go his senior year of high school to play professionally in Europe. I know that I’m in minority but I say congratulations kid.

With the exception of American Football players in other sports routinely go pro at even earlier age than Tyler. So I applaud his choice. Now I know the critics are going to bash the kid. However, everyone that thinks this a bad move should put themselves in his shoes.  Let’s look at his options.

Plan A: Finish High School and the go play college ball for a year.

OK. There’s nothing wrong with route but there are several downsides to it. First of all, he’s a man among boys at the High School level. He can only develop his skills so much at this level. Secondly, if he has the skills to pay the bills, why not earn some Euros now? Plus there’s always the dreaded injury bug. If this kid gets seriously hurt in a High School game what will he have to show for his career?

Plan B: Finish High School and then take the Brandon Jennings route oversees.

He could do this but what’s the point? Isn’t 2years of pro ball better than one? Tyler can easily go back and get his GED at any point he chooses. For the average person receiving a diploma from your HS is important. However, keep in mind this kid is far from average.

Plan C: His chosen path.

There could be nothing better than having 2 years of pro experience under your belt to make you NBA-Ready. International players routinely start playing professionally at 16-17yrs old. So is it really much of that surprise that the International players make up a huge percentage of the NBA today? School will always be there. He should make a pretty decent amount of change overseas and down the road in the NBA. Even if his NBA career turns out to be a bust he should still have plenty of bank left to finance a degree. I know some critics criticized Jennings for going overseas because he wouldn’t be playing in front of NBA scouts. Those people need to wake up and realize the scouts are everywhere. There has been scouts at every single one of Jennings’s games and there will be for Tyler as well. Furthermore, the biggest problem with young prospects is there maturity level. Living in another culture and actually playing pro ball is going to force this kid to mature fast. Any player choosing this path or Jennings path will be much more prepared for the NBA lifestyle than his peers that take the NCAA one and done approach.

In summary, do your thing Jeremy Tyler. I applaud you for thinking outside the box. Instead of going through the system that makes Colleges and NCAA billions of dollars at your expense you’ve chosen a plan that benefits you to the maximum. I’ll definitely follow your progress. Good Luck.

Shot of Jack v4.14

Surprises Atop the Standings

As of today, the Blue Jays, Mariners, Royals, White Sox, Marlins, Braves, Cardinals and Padres all leading or tied for the lead in their divisions………I’d be willing to wager a few pennies that the Jays, Mariners & Padres will all be out of the playoff race by the All-Star Break.  The 5 unnamed teams all have a real shot at making the postseason.


emilioFlorida’s Emilio Bonifacio went 0-4 Sunday and is now only batting .500 for the season. He had a huge first week and fantasy baseball owners adding him like crazy. He’s got great speed and is in a great lineup but………by the end of the season over half the guys that picked him up early will end up dropping him. I’d be willing to wager a few pennies that Bonifacio’s batting average will not be over .270 when it’s all said and done. If you need steals he can help your fantasy team. Just don’t make the mistake of overvaluing his early success.

Paulus to the NFL?

gregpaulusGreg Paulus reportedly worked out with the Green Bay Packers. Paulus was a big time High School QB but chose Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium over some offers to play at big time college football programs such as Notre Dame. In all honesty, the kid has a much better shot at making it in the NFL than he does of making an NBA roster…..But that’s not saying much. Paulus was not a very PG at Duke. He was a decent athlete and great shooter but he made way too many poor decisions with the ball in his hand. If I was an NFL team I’d be willing to take a look at the kid but based on his decision making at the Point I’d be hesitant to give him a shot at making my team as a QB. Oh yeah………………..he has not played football since high school! Greg, go ahead and spend a few months enjoying football. Just when it’s all said and done don’t forget about the degree you earned from Duke. It may come in handy for you.

Tim Floyd to Arizona?


Reportedly Arizona is attempting to bring Tim Floyd to Tuscon. For Trojan fans what could be worse than losing the coach that’s revitalized the program to a Pac10 foe?

How about the fact that if he goes, two prized USC recruits may follow him to the desert. Solomon Hill & Renardo Sydney have only given verbals to USC. It’s very likely that they are more committed to Tim Floyd than USC. So if I were a gambling man I’d definitely be willing to wager a large sum of money that they’ll follow Floyd to Arizona.

I really don’t know what to think about this. At the very least, if I were Floyd I’d use the Arizona offer as leverage to get a new deal to stay at USC. Afterall, he has a good thing going there. Is USC basketball 2nd to Football? Sure it is. Floyd however, has a chance to put his mark on the program and possibly elevate them to the level of Trojan Football. If Floyd takes the Zona job he’ll be the successor to Lute Olson. If history has taught us anything, it’s that following a legendary coach is tough and usually doesn’t end well for the successor. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Floyd can’t succeed in Tucson. I’m just saying that if I were him I’d try getting a new fat contract from USC before accepting an offer from Arizona. Unless he immediately win a Title he will constantly be compared to “the great” Lute Olson.

Shot of Jack v4.1

I just checked the front page at espn.com and you won’t believe what is #4 on their top news stories. Yanks’ Chamberlain Pleads Guilty to DUI charge….I say who gives a shit. It should get reported but it’s not front page news. Joba has to pay a fine and spend some time on probation. Shocking isn’t it? That’s what first time offenders get. Why is this top news? It’s not like drinking and driving in rural areas never happens. If you’ve ever lived in a small town or rural area then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Road tripping is usually common practice. I’m not saying it’s right or condoning this behavior. However people who are not from rural areas always seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that so many people drink and drive. Joba was in Nebraska. C’mon is it that surprising that he drank and drove?

The #5 story is entitled: UConn men’s program had $6M profit in FY ’08. Again why is this front page worthy. ESPN is once again turning into the tabloid of sports. Calhoun said the basketball program brings in $12mil dollars to the university. He didn’t say whether or not that was profit. Revenues were over $14mil. I don’t even know why I’m getting into this weak story.

ESPN engages in some questionable journalism but I’m not going to let that stop me from enjoying the 2009 McDonalds All-Amercian Game tonight. I love nearly everything about these games. Having to listen to that senile, loudmouth Dick Vitale is the only thing I dislike about the game. My prediction for Most Outstanding Player: John Henson. Henson is a 6’10” Forward from, Odessa Florida. He’s one of 4 players in this game that’ll be going to UNC next year. I’ve only seen youtube clips of this kid but I really like his game. The McD’s Game is always a lot of fun to watch. Game starts at 7:00pm CST tonight. Don’t miss out!

  • **Correction: Dick Vitale is not working the McD’s Game. I was misinformed and couldn’t be happier.***

That’s all I’ve got for now. Check back tomorrow for a McD’s recap as well as part2 of the Pub’s MLB Preview.