St. Louis Rams Attendance Myths

Sam Bradford

Sam the Ram Bradford made his solid debut for the Rams last week but it seems that the attendance levels have big one of the biggest topics this week. This is bringing the usual dose of Rams and St. Louis bashing. So my advice to anyone planning to do some bashing is simple. Get your facts straight first.

Myth #1: St. Louis can’t support a team unless its winning Superbowls

1995: The Rams were the new thing in town so it should come as no surprise they sold out despite being 4-12 the year before. Record 7-9

1996: Record 6-10: Once again Sold Out

1997: Record 5-11: Sell Out

1998: Record 4-12: Sell Out

1999: Record 13-3 Superbowl Victory: Sell Out

2000: Record 10-6: Sell Out

2001: Record 14-2: Sell Out

2002: Record 7-9: Sell Out

2003: Record 12-4: Sell Out

2004: Record 8-8: Sell Out

2005: Record 6-10: Sell Out

2006: Record 8-8: Sold out every game except last home game

So there you have 11 seasons of mixed performance. Good, bad it didn’t matter. The team sold out 95 consecutive home games! If the fans were as fair weather as most accuse them of being then this streak would’ve ended in ’96 or ’97 once the luster of being new wore off. You can also go back and look at the attendance of the St. Louis Football Cardinals. Despite many, many bad seasons attendance was always relatively high.

And during 2007-09, the team only won 6 games. That’s 6-42. Despite that, there was still 16 home sell-outs.

Myth #2 St. Louis is a baseball town & can’t support Football

As the numbers above show, there is plenty of fan support in St. Louis. The issue is recent years is simple. The quality of play on the field has not been NFL quality & during poor economic times no team will sell out when it’s that bad. No one is going to spend $400 to take their family to a game in which the home team will likely be losing by 3 touchdowns by the end of the first half. Look around, St. Louis isn’t the only NFL team not selling out now. And the fans in St. Louis may not be the “most passionate” fans in the league but they are still great fans. Did you hear the noise level Sunday? It certainly sounded much louder than the reported attendance numbers. And it’s also worth noting that the TV Ratings for that game were the highest they’ve been in years.

In St. Louis teams have to show heart. It isn’t just about winning Superbowls. The last few seasons this team has:

  • Lacked talent
  • Not spent money on Free Agents: See 2009 NFL team payrolls
  • Had Poor Drafts
  • Gone Through Coaching Changes
  • Had NO owner
  • No Heart or Desire to Win

Each of those factors is a major issue on its own. But having all of them at once is a very serious problem.

The Future In St. Louis

Currently things are looking bright. Stan Kroenke has finally been approved as owner and that should enable the team payroll to greatly increase. The team had a good draft and landed a franchise QB in Bradford. Steve Spagnuolo is going strong into his 2nd year as Head Coach. This season will have its rough patches but improvement will be shown. As the team improves and shows signs of effort the fans will come back. Hopefully they come back before it’s time for stadium negotiations.


If you still rely on ESPN….

for sports news then you probably should wake up and start getting your news elsewhere. ESPN has turned into the tmz of the sports world. ESPN is kind of like MTV. Once upon a time ESPN was a great sports network. However over time they’ve began transforming into a network that specializes in starting and spreading rumors.

FUCK ESPN Continue reading

Rams to be Sold to Central Illinois Buyer

Great News for St. Louis Rams Fans Today

Chip Rosenbloom and his sister have agreed to sell their 60% share of the team to Shahid Khan. Khan the owner of the Urbana company Flex-N-Gate Corporation. Sources say that he may also be interested in buying Stan Kroenke’s minority 40% share.

Khan is described as a avid Rams fan who has attends many games. And better yet, he is determined to keep the team in St. Louis.

The sale must still  be approved by the NFL but if this goes through then it is great news for Rams fans and the city of St. Louis. There is reason to have some concern about the sale not being approved. It’s been reported that Khan has been accused by the IRS of sheltering millions from from income tax. Last year he and his wife paid$68million in back taxes but are determined to fight the charges and regain their money. Additionally, people are going to bring up race. Race should not be a factor but you just never know. Hopefully the NFL owners will not act like good ole boys and keep Kahn out of their club just because he comes from a different background than them. I really don’t think his ethnicity will keep him out of the NFL but people are going to talk about the subject.

Kahn, has the financial resources to be an owner plus he’s a football fan. I believe that he’ll be a great addition to the NFL. Rosenbloom and his sister Lucia Rodriguez deserve a lot of credit for sticking to their word and selecting a buyer that has no intentions on moving the team. Hopefully, the “move the team to LA” trolls that seem to find their way on to every Rams message board will now go away.

NFC Championship: Battle of EIU Alumns

EIU Panther Logo

Eastern Illinois is most commonly called “that one school Tony Romo played for”. Maybe after this weekend it will be known as “the school that Romo and those NFL coaches went to”.

If you are like me then you probably know very little about Eastern Illinois University. So here’s the quick facts about EIU:

Don't let the castle fool you. This school is a NFL Head Coach Factory

Quick Facts

  • Location: Charleston, IL (pop. 21,039)
  • Established: 1895
  • Enrollment: 11,651
  • Conference Affiliation: Ohio Valley
  • Colors: Blue & Grey
  • Interesting Fact: Only NCAA Division I Women’s Rugby team in the nation. (I had no idea that Rugby even existed in this country)
  • Notable Alumni: Jim Edgar, John Malkovich, Larry Smith, Jimmy John, Kevin Duckworth, Dan Steele, Matt Hughes, Matt Painter, Jeff Gossett, Tony Romo, Mike Shanahan, Brad Childress, Sean Payton.

I just couldn't resist posting a picture of women's rugby

Note the last 3 on that alumni list. Mike Shanahan(technically I think he only coached there), Brad Childress and Sean Payton. 3 not only relevant but good NFL coaches. Shanahan has already won a Superbowl and this weekend another EIU alumn will be one step closer to get a ring of their own. It just seems crazy to me that a FCS football program could produce this kind of NFL talent.

Being a basketball fanatic, I also find it very interesting that Purdue Basketball Head Coach, Matt Painter graduated and coached at EIU.

It’s a Friday night so I don’t feel like doing any major research tonight. So I’ll just end this post by saying:

Eastern Illinois University: The Pub salutes you.

(Perhaps I’ll touch this post up tomorrow)

The Pub’s AFC and NFC Championship Preview


New York Jets(9-7) @ Indianapolis Colts(14-2)

The Jets bandwagon has filled beyond capacity. After this game is over there will be a stampede of idiots jumping off the Jets bandwagon. Rex Ryan is a great coach and the Jets seem to have built up a great deal of momentum. Hell, Darrelle Revis is now even considered the second coming Deion Sanders. I’ll admit that the Jets have been impressive and they are playing at a very high level. However they will be no match for Peyton Manning and the Colts. The Colts opened the playoff door for the Jets and Sunday they are going to slam that door shut. The key factor in this game will the Quarterbacks. Peyton Manning always seems to get better the 2nd time he faces a defense and I have no doubt that he’ll have a very strong performance in this game. On the other side, Mark Sanchez will be the chink in the Jets armor. They have a great running game but the Colts offense will force New York to go to the air. When this happens the rookie QB will struggle.

Final Prediction: Colts win 35-17


Minnesota Vikings(12-4) @ New Orleans Saints (13-3)

Not surprisingly largely pro-Brett Favre popular media are over-rating the Vikings and overlooking the Saints. Favre was great last week and has been great most of the season but the only Brett Favre talk that will be going on after this game is whether he’s returning for another season. Why do I like the Saints?

1. Location, Location, Location

The Saints are tough at home. They did drop 2 in the Superdome so they’re not invincible. However the Vikings just don’t always seem to have the same fire on the road. They only finished .500 on the road this season with all 4 of their losses coming outside the comforts of the Metrodome.

2. The Greatest Show on Turf

As a Rams fan I often find myself reminiscing about the “Greatest Show on Turf” days. In all honesty though, I really have to look no further than the Saints. Sean Payton‘s high powered offense reminds so much of the Juggernaut Rams teams a few back. The Saints do a great job of protecting Drew Brees so I really just don’t see the Vikings pass rush slowing the Saints down.

3. The Saints Defense

That’s right I’m talking about the Saints defense. This team knows how to force turnovers. The defense will come up big and be the unsung hero of this game. When you’re watching the recap of this game you’ll likely see nothing but flashy offense but my gut tells me the defense will win this game for the Saints.

Final Prediction: Saints win 42-35

Gruden Replaces Kornheiser

Finally! According to ESPN Tony Kornheiser has decided to “step down” from his position on Monday Night Football because of his fear of flying. I don’t know who ESPN is trying to fool.

Kornheiser should never even have been appointed to the position in the first place. He was by far, one of the worst MNF personalities of all time. Honestly, have you ever met a football fan that enjoyed listening to him blab during games? Thank you ESPN for finally replacing this joker. I have no idea why it took so long but I’m just glad it’s finally over.

On to the 2nd part of this post. Jon Gruden, AKA Chucky,  is taking his place.

Jon Gruden

I love this move. Gruden has the NFL experience and actually knows what he is talking about. Anything would have been an improvement over TonyK but this move is great.

I have nothing personal against Kornheiser and I really don’t mind PTI. MNF is just simply a role that he has no business doing.

Shot of Jack v4.14

Surprises Atop the Standings

As of today, the Blue Jays, Mariners, Royals, White Sox, Marlins, Braves, Cardinals and Padres all leading or tied for the lead in their divisions………I’d be willing to wager a few pennies that the Jays, Mariners & Padres will all be out of the playoff race by the All-Star Break.  The 5 unnamed teams all have a real shot at making the postseason.


emilioFlorida’s Emilio Bonifacio went 0-4 Sunday and is now only batting .500 for the season. He had a huge first week and fantasy baseball owners adding him like crazy. He’s got great speed and is in a great lineup but………by the end of the season over half the guys that picked him up early will end up dropping him. I’d be willing to wager a few pennies that Bonifacio’s batting average will not be over .270 when it’s all said and done. If you need steals he can help your fantasy team. Just don’t make the mistake of overvaluing his early success.

Paulus to the NFL?

gregpaulusGreg Paulus reportedly worked out with the Green Bay Packers. Paulus was a big time High School QB but chose Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium over some offers to play at big time college football programs such as Notre Dame. In all honesty, the kid has a much better shot at making it in the NFL than he does of making an NBA roster…..But that’s not saying much. Paulus was not a very PG at Duke. He was a decent athlete and great shooter but he made way too many poor decisions with the ball in his hand. If I was an NFL team I’d be willing to take a look at the kid but based on his decision making at the Point I’d be hesitant to give him a shot at making my team as a QB. Oh yeah………………..he has not played football since high school! Greg, go ahead and spend a few months enjoying football. Just when it’s all said and done don’t forget about the degree you earned from Duke. It may come in handy for you.