Anthony Rizzo ETA Wednesday?

Reports are saying Rizzo will finally be promoted to the big leagues this Wednesday. It’s been well publicised that Brad Hawpe has been fielding balls in Right Field and tonight he’s pencilled in as the Padres starting RF. The Padres have likely kept Rizzo stashed away long enough to avoid Super 2 eligibility so it’s safe to say that barring an injury he’ll be with the big club by the end of the week.

If he’s still available in your fantasy league you should grab him now! Especially in NL-Only formats.


2009 NL All Star Voting

For once the fans actually seem to be doing a half way decent job voting for the starters of the All-Star Game.

First Base

Albert Pujols– Pujols has a commanding lead in the voting. What can you say? He’s the best player in the game and should be starting. Sorry Adrian Gonzalez and Ryan Howard you just don’t stand a chance playing the same position as El Hombre.

Second Base

Chase Utley– Utley is having a monster year and is dominating the voting at 2nd. Once again good job fans.

Third Base

David Wright– In all likely hood the 600,000+ vote lead over Chipper Jones and Ryan Zimmerman will hold. This is a complicated position.In a perfect world of unbiased, educated fans slugger Mark Reynolds to at least be in the running. I still think Wright is right pick because of his high average.

Short Stop

Hanley Ramirez– HRam is about 300k votes ahead of Jimmy Rollins? Yea that’s right Jimmy Rollins. Rollins doesn’t even deserve to be a bat boy yet fans are still voting for him. WTF?


Yadier Molina– Yadi is about 400k votes ahead of McCann. Had McCann not had issues to start the year he’d probably be in the lead right now. But I think Yadi is the correct pick. It’s all a matter of what do you value more?  Defense or Offense? McCann is the best hitting cather in the NL. Yadi is by far the best defensive catcher in the game. I’d go as far to say, Yaid is the 2nd most valuable player on the Cards roster. For years he’s been one of the most underrated players in the game. So it’s great to finally see him get som recognition.


1. Raul Ibanez 2. Ryan Braun 3. Carlos Beltran

These 3 are the most deserving. The only problem is that Beltran is going to miss the ASG. That means 4th place will be the starter. Currently Alfonso Soriano is 4th in voting. Thanks a lot Chicago. The best candidate to take the 3rd starting spot should be Brad Hawpe. Hawpe is not even in the top 15 in votes. .327 avg, .399 OBP, 12 HR, 55 RBI What more does this guy have to do? Get your heads out of your asses fans and stop sleeping on this guy.