Disgruntled on the Northside

This isn’t exactly breaking news. Fans of the so called “Lovable Losers” are pissed off. Given the performance of that team I don’t blame them. It seems that this year the level of frustration is the highest its been in several years. The moderate success of the recent additions from the scrap heap, Aaron Miles, Randy Winn and Jeff Suppan, can only elevate a Cub fan’s blood pressure. As a Cardinal fan I can always gauge how pissed off the fans are by the number and quality of insults I hear from those “fans”. When the Cubs are playing well I may hear an occasional Cardinals suck thrown my way. When things are going piss poor, the insults come at first site of a Cards logo. Thats when you get the good insults with subjects such as, Josh Hancock, Darryl Kile, DUIs and Steroids. And they especially love bitch about Cardinal fans being considered by some as arguably the best in baseball.

I love the hate. It just reassures me that the season is going favorably for the Cards. While they count down the days until Jim Hendry and Lou Pinella get their pink slips I can enjoy watching the Cards make their push for a division crown.