The Pub’s 2009 MLB Awards

With all the Playoff Spots secured it’s time for our 2009 Awards (Note that we don’t do AL because they don’t play real baseball).

MVP: Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals: .328, 47HR, 134HR, 122R

There really shouldn’t be any debate about this. The guy is so good that he’s considered to be “slumping” when he drops out of the hunt for a triple crown.

Cy Young: Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals: 19-8, 2.58 ERA

This one is tough. Tim Lincecum and Chris Carpenter were great but they just didn’t record enough W’s for my liking. When MLB hands out this award I expect Lincecum to take it because Wainwright and Carpenter will be stealing votes from each other.

Rookie of the Year: Tommy Hanson, Atlanta Braves: 11-4, 2.89 ERA

This is another tough one. In the end though I went with Hanson. He lived up to every bit of the hype since his call-up 2.5 months into the season. Expect Hanson to be a perennial Cy Young candidate in the future. Casey McGehee and Andrew McCutchen were close runner ups to Hanson.

Manager of the Year: Jim Tracy, Colorado Rockies: 73-40,Wild-Card Winner

The Rockies looked like an underachieving cellar dwellers before Tracy was handed the job. However, once Clint Hurdle was fired and Tracy took over this team has been on fire. Is Tracy responsible for this remarkable turnaround? Hard to say for sure but it doesn’t matter because he was the guy managing the team when it happened so the credit goes to him.


All Star Game: Stan Musial Deserved More

Musial is one of the top5 hitters of all time but once again he was overlooked

Musial is one of the top5 hitters of all time but once again he was overlooked

The AL won once again. I really don’t care about that. However I, like many other Cardinal fans, am very upset that Stan Musial did not get honored more. We all expected it to be like what Ted Williams got in Boston a few years back. I assume that MLB called the shots and not the Cardinals. This was a chance to put the most under-appreciated player in the history of the game into the spotlight. It’s an absolute disgrace how the East Coast Media has skipped over this guy. They should have paraded the man around the stadium on the Clydesdales for a good 5 minutes. That way every baseball fan young or old that is not familiar with the amazing career of Musial would have to ask who is this guy? Fox could have ran his accomplishments across the screen and provided audio clips of historic Musial at bats and player commentary in the background. All I can say is I’m very disappointed.

Maybe the Man being as modest as he is didn’t want the Williams treatment. If that’s the case then I completely understand and retract my statement of disapproval. Ted Williams was as arrogant as they came Stan was a down to earth superstar. His personality is part of the reason the East Coast press never gave him his due.

Granted, he’s an elderly man with some health issues. So if that was all he could handle then once again I’ll have to retract my statement of disapproval.

I can’t even describe how disappointed I am. He was honred but it just wasn’t what everyone expected. In St. Louis, Barack Obama got more publicity than Stan The Man the All-Star Game? Give Me a Break!  That’s an absolute joke! I just hope to god it was not the Cardinals choice for the weak display. I can’t help but wonder if the Obama administration pushed Stan aside to keep the focus on their public photo op.

Update 7/15: Bernie Miklasz had a great article in today’s St. Louis Post Dispatch about the Dud Musial Celebration.

Keith Law is a Douche

Why does ESPN keep this joker on their Pay Roll?

Why does ESPN keep this joker on their Pay Roll?

Keith Law is a perfect example of what is a wrong with ESPN. He’s a typical east coast homer with ridiculous opinions. I mean seriously why does ESPN pay this joker to be an idiot?

In his latest ramblings Mr. Law stated that Ryan Franklin isn’t very good and doesn’t deserve to be an All-Star. He also backed up his opinion by stating that he hasn’t been very good over the course of his career.

First of all, what does the past have to do with this season? Absolutely nothing.

Secondly, since when is converting 20 of 21 saves with an .84 ERA not All-Star worthy?

Mr. Law you are a douche! You couldn’t hack it in an MLB front office and you’re a failure as an analyst.

Shot of Jack v3.1

I’m making one of those rare weekend posts this evening. Just a brief take on what’s going on in the world of sports.

College Hoops Action

(9)Michigan State clinched the Big Ten title today with a 74-66 win at (20)Illinois this afternoon.

(15)Kansas manhandled (8)Missouri 90-65 today. KU was up 45-19 at the half and just never looked back. Mizzou is a very good team but they are not worthy of a top ten ranking. Especially after their performance today. And Kansas is looking very good again. They’ve won 14 of their last 15 and are now sitting pretty atop the standings atop the Big12. The defending champs are starting to look like serious final four contenders.

(6)Louisville won their fifth straight game today beating (10)Marquette 62-58. Rick Pitino’s Cardinals now stand just 1/2 game behind UConn for first in the Big East. If they win out they are guaranteed at least a share of the Big East title. They’ve got a home game vs Seton Hall Wednesday. Then they head to West Virginia to finish out the season on Saturday.

Former Ace Returns to the Mound

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Shot of Jack v2.26

Has it really almost been a week since Dan or I have made a decent post? I guess so. Time to change that with another Shot of Jack.

NCAABB: Injuries Shaking Things Up

Blake Griffin’s concussion has caused Oklahoma to drop 2 in a row. The Good news for the Sooners is, barring further injury, Griffin will be 100% in March.

Marquette however isn’t so lucky. PG and 4year starter, Dominic James suffered a season ending foot injury just 4minutes into the game. The Golden Eagles went on to lose 82-93 last night at home vs UConn. Marquette was a legit contender to make it to Detroit this year. Without James that now seems very unlikely. UConn’s win just also happened to be a milestone for Jim Calhoun.

Jim Calhoun wins 800

Calhoun makes how much? Just kidding. I’m not going to go there. If you have no idea what I’m talking about…here’s a link. Continue reading

Super Bowl XLIII

The odds are pretty good that you’re sick of the Super Bowl talk already. At least the repetitive talking points you see over and over in the media. So we’re not going to interview 10 retired players and ask them what the build up before the Super Bowl is like. We’re just going to keep this brief by giving our predictions.

Jack Daniels: 28-17 Arizona. That’s right I said it. I’ve bet on the Cards every round so far and it’s paid off. So why stop now? I don’t care that Arizona was the worst regular season team to make the playoffs. It doesn’t matter. In 2006 the St. Louis Cardinals sputtered at the end of the season and were the worst team to make MLB Playoffs. And as we all know they got hot at the right time and steamrolled through the competition to win it all. I know my analogy is a different sport but the idea is the same. So people like First Take’s Skip Bayless need to shut up about the regular season. This is not the same Cardinals team. For MVP I’ll take the easy way out and say Kurt Warner.

Dan: 24-21 Pittsburgh. I think its going to go down to the wire with a Jeff Reed FG in the final minute being the winner. And I’m going with Willie Parker for MVP.