2009 NBA Draft Thoughts Revisited

Back in ’09 I gave that thing called twitter a try. Here’s a review of some of my live draft tweets.

Griffin is the right pick at #1 but he will never be a superstar.He’ll be good but not the type of player you can build a franchise around.

A year ago I felt like a genius. Now I feel like a moron. Blake Griffin is already one of the most popular players in the game. If he develops a jumper he will be a superstar for years to come.

I think its time for Vitale to retire.

Still waiting for that retirement announcement.

Almost feel sorry for Griffin the Clips are probably the most poorly managed team in all of sports.

Still true thanks to Mr. Sterling.

Thabeet has great upside. The only question is will the big man’s body hold up.

I meant to say the only question is will  the big man every reach that potential?

I loved Harden in college but I’m not sure how he’ll translate to the NBA.

Mr. Harden is doing just fine in OKC.

Evans is an intriguing prospect. 5yrs down the road I think he’ll be one of the 5 best players from this draft.

Top 5? More like top 3.

Not sure about Rubio but it doesn’t hurt the Wolves to take him there. Gonna take him a few seasons to be an impact player.

Still waiting on Mr. Rubio. He’s also still take a few seasons away from being an impact player.

Rubio was probably a steal at 5. I didn’t think he’d last that long.

It’s still a littler early to judge. However I bet Minnesota would’ve tried trading this pick if they had to do it over again. Or draft Curry.

Flynn will start over Rubio. Not a bad selection but I’m surprised they didn’t go with Curry.

Flynn did start. And I’m still Surprised they didn’t take Curry with one of those picks.

I knew Don Nelson wouldn’t be able to pass on Curry. He’s a shooter with high IQ but he’s not much of a PG yet.

Ok. I’ll admit it. I didn’t foresee Curry putting up big numbers early on.

Jordan Hill is a skilled big man. Should be a solid contributor but probably won’t ever amount to anything more than a role player.

Spot on.

New York fans are too much. All the LeBron talk is an embarrassment. I don’t know how they can call themselves fans.

How’d that work out for you New York? You’re probably better off with a core of Amare and Melo anyways.

DeMar DeRozan has a ton of potential but don’t expect much out of him for at least 2 seasons.

Off by a year.

Brandon Jennings: Great Pick! Definite ROY candidate.

Spectacular Rookie Season. Solid but disappointing as a Soph. I still really like his upside.

Expect the number of Preps choosing Europe over College to increase drastically after Jennings has a big year.

Not so much. It’s too easy to go to school and not focus on academics for a year.

Terrance Williams is a solid player. Should have decent NBA career as a role player.

Up and down career so far.

Gerald Henderson isn’t your typical Dukie. I like this pick for the Bobcats. Should help them out immediately next season.

He had a decent 2nd year.

Hansbrough would fit in better on a good team but I think he’ll surprise the skeptics.

He opened a lot of eyes after his injury plagued rookie campaign.

Earl Clark is another solid player. Won’t be a star but could spend a lot of time in the league.

Depends on your definition of “long time”.

Not crazy about Daye. Obviously has a lot of potential don’t know if he’ll ever reach it.But I thought the same thing about Tayshaun Prince

Showed some improvement in during his 2nd season. Still a young developing player.

Vitale is a horrible analyst. Shoulda retired a long time ago.

Vitale rant #2.

James Johnson is an improvement over Noah

Decent player…but no not an improvement over Noah.

Jrue Holliday has a lot of upside but I think Lawson would have been the better pick

Holiday has looked pretty good so far. Lawson is older but I still think he is the better player. 5 years from now I may think differently.

Ty Lawson is a great pick but WTF? 3 PGs. T-Wolves are definitely workin on a trade.

Yes they were.

Lawson getting dealt to the Nuggets. Good pick up for the Nuggets if it happens.

Great pick up for Denver.

Don’t know about Teague. Very talented but he’s a 2 trapped in a PG’s body.

Big time performances in the playoffs. Still a man without a true position.

Well I’m out for the night. Will post a draft review tomorrow. Maynor is an excellent pick by Utah by the way.

And that was it. Apparently I was also too lazy(or possibly hungover) to post a review the next day.


Orlando Summer Pro League: Final Standings & Stats


Team_________W _L _PCT__GB__ PPG __OppPPG_ Margin

Indiana Pacers           5  0   1.00     _     84.0      75.2        +8.8   team stats
OKC Thunder             3  2   .600     2     82.6      76.4        +6.2   team stats
Utah Jazz                   3  2   .600     2     76.0      78.8        -2.2   team stats
Boston Celtics            2  3   .400     3     86.2      81.0        +5.2   team stats
Orlando Magic            2  3   .400     3     81.6      83.2        -1.6    team stats
NJ/PHI Nexers            0  6   .000     6     72.4      88.2       +15.8  team stats

Individual Leaders

(Min 3Games Played)

Points Per Game

1. 22.3   Russell Westbrook, G, Oklahoma City Thunder
2. 23.2   Ryan Anderson, F, Orlando Magic
3. 20.2   Roy Hibbert, C, Indiana Pacers
4. 18.2   Tyler Hansbrough, F, Indiana Pacers
5. 14.8   James Harden, G, OKC Thunder & Kasib Powell, F, Orlando Magic

Rebounds Per Game

1.   9.4   Ryan Anderson, F, Orlando Magic
2.   9.0   Roy Hibbert, C, Indiana Pacers
3.   7.3   Richard Hendrix, F, Orlando Magic
4.   6.6   Marreese Speights, F, NJ/PHI Nexers
4.   6.6   Terrance Williams, F, NJ/PHI Nexers

Assists Per Game

1.  7.8   Russell Westbrook, G, Oklahoma City Thunder
2.  4.8   Gabe Pruitt, G, Boston Celtics
3.  4.0   Shaun Livingston, G, Oklahoma City Thunder
4.  3.2   Eric Maynor, G, Utah Jazz
4.  3.2   A.J. Price, G, Indiana Pacers

Steals Per Game

1.   2.5   Russell Westbrook, G, Oklahoma City Thunder
2.   1.8   James Harden, G, Oklahoma City Thunder
3.   1.6   Jrue Holliday, G, NJ/PHI Nexers
3.   1.6   Terrance Williams, F, NJ/PHI Nexers
5.   1.3   several tied

Blocks Per Game

1.   2.2  Marreese Speights, F, NJ/PHI Nexers
2.   1.8  Roy Hibbert, C, Indiana Pacers
2.   1.8  Richard Hendrix, F, Orlando Magic
4.   1.5  Serge Ibaka, F, Oklahoma City Thunder
4.   1.5  Kyle Weaver, G, Oklahoma City Thunder

Turnovers Per Game

1.  5.0   Russell Westbrook, G, Oklahoma City Thunder
2.  4.0   Terrance Williams, F, NJ/PHI Nexers
3.  3.4   Jrue Holliday, G, NJ/PHI Nexers
4.  3.2   Roy Hibbert, C, Indiana Pacers
4.  2.4   J.R. Giddens, G, Boston Celtics


1.  15   Chris Lofton, G, Boston Celtics, .600%
2.  12   Ryan Anderson, F, Orlando Magic .414%
3.   9   Kasib Powell, F, Orlando Magic .444%
4.   8   A.J. Price, G, Indiana Pacers .571%
5.   7   Josh Duncan, F, Utah Jazz .778%

FG% (min 15 attempts)

1. .724   Josh Duncan, F, Utah Jazz
2. .679   Serge Ibaka, F, Oklahoma City Thunder
3. .667   Robert Swift, C, Boston Celtics
4. .633   Roy Hibbert, C, Indiana Pacers
5. .561   D.J. White, F, Oklahoma City Thunder

FT% (min. 12 attempts)

1. .920   Ryan Anderson, F, Orlando Magic
2. .917   Leo Lyons, F, Indiana Pacers
2. .917   Russell Robinson, G, Orlando Magic
4. .882   Marreese Speights, F, NJ/PHI Nexers
5. .854   Tyler Hansbrough, F, Indiana Pacers

Orlando Summer Pro League: Day 3

Game 1: Pacers 95-Jazz 79 boxscore

The Pacers were just too much for the Jazz in this one. Indiana was once again led by Tyler Hansbrough and Roy Hibbert. Hansbrough finished with 24 points, 5 rebounds and was a perfect 14-14 from the free throw line. Big Roy Hibbert, finished with 21pts 8rebounds and 2Rejections. AJ Price had his best game of the SPL  finishing with 14pts, 4rebounds and 2 assists.

James Augustine came off the bench to lead another balanced Jazz offensive with 12 points. Josh Duncan reached double figures once again with 10 points and 3 rebounds.

Game 2: Thunder 94-Celtics 82 boxscore

The Thunder capitalized on a big 2nd quarter as they cruised to victory in this one. Russell Westbrook put together another dominating performance. The 2nd year player out of UCLA, finished with 26points, 5 steals, 5 assists and 4 rebounds. Former Hoosier, DJ White put together his best SPL performance with 16points, and 5 boards.Kyle Weaver and Devon Hardin also finished in double figures with 12 and 11 points respectively. Former Lotto Pick, Shaun Livingston, put together a solid performance with 10points and 6 boards in just 21 minutes.

J.R Giddens led the Celtics with 16 points but Chris Lofton was the story for Boston. Lofton caught fire, hitting 4-5 from 3pt land and finished with 15pts. Bill Walker chipped in scoring 12 points and hauling down 5 boards.

Game 3: Magic 108-Nexers 86 boxscore

Orlando Summer Pro League: Day 2

Game 1: Celtics 82-Magic 85 boxscore

The Magic were led by Ryan Anderson in this one. He absolutely dominated the Celtics from the start in this one.  The former Cal Bear was 4-4 from the field in the 1st quarter as he led all scorers with 14 1st quarter points.  The show did not end there as he went on to grab 14 boards and score a Summer Pro League High 33points. Kasib Powell also chipped in with 15points in his SPL debut for the Magic. Stevan Milosevic looked completely lost in his debut as he committed 5 turnovers in just 12 minutes of play. George Karl’s son Coby, led the Celtics with 18 points. Coby actually looked surprisingly good in this game. J.R. Giddens threw down a couple of spectacular dunks and finished with 17points. Nevada alum, Nick Fazekas, had a solid game with 12 points and 5 rebounds.

Game 2: Jazz 83-Phil/NJ 68 boxscore

This one wasn’t much of a game as the Jazz controlled this one from the start. Rookie PG Eric Maynor led the balanced Jazz effort with 12pts, 5 reb &4ast. Josh Duncan had another solid performance with 12 points. Former Running Rebel, Keivn Krueger was a strong contributer10pts and 4 boards for the Jazz. Chris Douglas-Roberts was the one bright spot for the Nexers. CDR shot 8-14 from the field and 11-13 from the charity stripe as he finished with 27points.

Game 3: Pacers 91-Thunder 88 boxscore

This Pacers led through most of this one but Thunder stormed back and this one was tied at 88 before the Pacers sealed the deal. The Pacers were led by big men Roy Hibbert and Tyler Hansbrough. Hibbert scored 24 points and pulled down 8 boards. Psycho T was 2-2 from 3pt land and finished with 23 points and 4 boards. Josh McRoberts dominated this one early with 10 points and 3 boards. Unfortunately McRoberts came down awkwardly on his ankle with just under a minute to go in the 1st and missed the rest of the game. He eventually left the lockeroom on crutches so it’s unlikely that he’ll play during the next couple of days. Russell Westbrook once again led the Thunder with 22points, 8 assists and 3steals. 3rd overall pick, James Harden also had another strong performance with 19points and 5 rebounds.

Summer Pro League: Hansbrough Impressive in Debut

The Orlando Summer Pro League kicked off yesterday. I know it’s not that big of a deal but I’m always having serious hoops withdrawal this time of year. I actually enjoy these games. Sure, most of these guys aren’t going to be stars in the NBA and success in these leagues doesn’t always translate. I don’t care. It’s much more entertaining than watching the WNBA.Plus you can watch all of these games online for free here.

Game 1: Indiana 75-New Jersey/Philadelphia 67 OT boxscore

First off, I’ve gotta say that New Jersey/Philadelphia almost  makes it seem like there a small town co-op High School participating in this league. And I actually like that.  Marreese Speights and Chris Douglas-Roberts carried the Nexers(Nets+Sixers) with 28 and 20 points respectively. Jrue Holliday produced 9pts, 2ast, 4rb, 4stl, 5to in his shaky 38 minute debut. Unfortunately the 2 man show wasn’t enough as the Pacers pulled away in OT. Tyler Hansbrough came off the bench to lead the Pacers with 17pts. Those 17 were actually quite impressive considering Psycho T was in foul trouble for most of the game. Brandon Rush also chipped in with 15pts despite shooting only 22% from the field. Big man Roy Hibbert also put together a solid game with 12 points and 7 boards.

Game 2: Oklahoma City 88- Orlando 77 boxscore

Russell Westbrook led the Thunder to victory in this one. The 2nd yr PG gor to the Free Throw line 18times and he converted on 16 of those attempts to finish with 22pts and 9Ast. James Harden scored 17points off the bench in his impressive debut. Fellow rookie BJ Mullens chipped in with 11 points. Forward, Ryan Anderson led the Magic in scoring with 21. Teammate and Delta St. alum, Jeremy Richardson, contributed a double-double with 18pts& 11 boards.

Game 3: Boston 87- Utah 56 boxscore

This one was never even close. The Celtics absolutely spanked the Jazz in this one. It was a team effort for the Celtics as 5 players put up double digits. Bill Walker led the way with 14 followed   Nick Fazekas’s 13, Lester Hudson & Gabe Pruitt’s 11 and J.R. Giddens 10.  Lester Hudson was one hell of a college player and I hope he is able to land a spot in the NBA this season. There isn’t a lot of highlights for the Jazz but former Xavier Musketeer, Josh Duncan led the team with 12 points. Rookie PG Eric Maynor, was efficient scoring 9pts, dishing 4 dimes and committing Zero turnovers. Big Man Kosta Koufas did not play in this one.

That’s all I’ve got for day 1. Hopefully I’ll have a more insightful review of today’s games.

Pub’s Final Four Preview

Well it’s been a while but we’re back. Or at least I am. Dan has been busy with work and family so unfortunately his Conference reviews will not be finished. I would like to thank him for the great job he did with conferences he did manage to review.After 2 weeks without posting I’m to get back into the flow of things with this preview. Then later in the week I’ll post the Pub’s Final NCAA Awards as well as MLB previews. Enough small talk let’s get talking about the Final Four.

Game 1: (2)Michigan St. 30-6 VS (1)UConn 31-4

The Huskies have looked good so far. The tree inside Hasheem Thabeet has been the anchor for this team. I’ve got to admit that since the injury to Dyson I didn’t expect UConn to make it this far. Even without Dyson the Huskies look like they have what it takes to cut down the nets in Detroit.

On the other hand the Spartans have used great defense and all around toughness to make it to Detroit. I expected Louisville to win big but the Spartans just outplayed them. Kalin Lucas is playing beyond his years and Goran Suton has been playing great.

Prediction: Michigan St. pulls another upset 65-61:  I think UConn is a better team but I expect the Spartans pick up the W playing in their home state. At any rate a Tom Izzo vs. Jim Calhoun match-up is sure to be exciting.

Game 2: (1)North Carolina 32-4 vs (3) Villanova 30-7

Villanova pulled off the big victory over Pittsburgh Saturday. They’ve got great guard play and a solid post player in Dante Cunningham. The guy with the fancy suits, Jay Wright, has got to be feeling good about the Wildcats chances.

UNC has been UNC. They’ve cruised to victories with ease. Ty Lawson has been the best player in the tournament so far and everyone is contributing for the Heels. Plus that iffy defense everyone has been worried about has looked great so far. Depth+Defense+Tremendous 3pt shooting makes the Heels the favorites.

Prediction: UNC 92-80: The Heels just have too many weapons. They’re the only team in the Final 4 that can say they’re undefeated when playing at Ford Field and I expect the Heels depth will get the best of the Wildcats in this one.

Championship Prediction: UNC 85, Mich St. 74: The Heels rolled over the Suton-less Spartans in during their early season match-up in the Ford Field. Mich St. fans say hey we weren’t healthy but UNC also wasn’t 100% either. Having said that, when teams meet in April you can just forget about whatever happened in November or December. These are two completely different squads now. In my opinion the Heels have just too much firepower for the Spartans. Michigan St. will need a flawless performance to have a shot in this one. I expect Lawson to do his thing in this one but I think Hansbrough will finish his legendary collegiate career with a huge performance.

Duke vs. UNC Preview

Duke must take care of the ball

I’m sure your well aware of this already but #3 North Carolina (21-2, 7-2) heads down the road to Cameron Indoor Stadium to take on #5 Duke (20-3,7-2) tonight. Both teams are currently tied for 1st in the ACC and as usual this should be a great game.

Spread: UNC -1.5

Probable Starters


  • G: Greg Paulus, Sr., 6’1″, 6.1ppg, 1.7apg
  • G: Jon Scheyer, Jr., 6’5″, 13ppg, 3.8rpg
  • F: Gerald Henderson, Jr., 6’4″, 15.2ppg, 5rpg
  • F: Kyle Singler, So., 6’8″, 15.8ppg, 8.2rpg
  • F: Lance Thomas, Jr., 6’8″, 5.5ppg, 3.2rpg

North Carolina

  • G: Ty Lawson, Jr.,5’11”, 15.3ppg, 6.6apg
  • G: Wayne Ellington, Jr., 6’4″, 15ppg, 4.5rpg
  • G: Danny Green, Sr., 6’6″, 13.5ppg, 4.5rpg
  • F: Tyler Hansbrough, Sr., 6’9″, 22.1ppg, 7.8rpg
  • C: Deon Thompson, Jr., 6’8″, 11.3ppg, 6.6rpg

What Duke Needs to do: Take care of the Ball and Rebound

Greg Paulus seems to have regained his stating spot over Nolan Smith. He’s proved to be a turnover machine at times so he’s going have to take of the ball if Duke wants to stay in this one. Whether it’s Paulus or Smith at the point , if they play well Duke will have a very good chance at winning this one as long as they keep the rebounding margin close.

What UNC Needs to do: Play a complete game.

In half court D they’ve got to close out on shooters and lock down guys. The steals will be there but what they do in the half-court on Offense and Defense is crucial. UNC should have a big advantage in the post with Hansbrough, Thompson and Davis so they should feed the ball inside as much as possible. In turn that’s going to open up the perimeter for Lawson, Green and Ellington. They don’t have to be lights out from the perimeter but they need to be efficient as a group from mid to long range.

Dan’s Prediction: 88-82 UNC

On paper there is no way Duke can match-up with the Heels but that doesn’t matter in these games. It’ll be close to the end with Henderson and Singler leading the charge for Duke but I see the hells pulling it out. Hansbrough will get his 20 & 10 but the difference makers for UNC will be Ty Lawson and a big game by Freshman Ed Davis off the bench. The UNC seniors should end their career with a 4-0 record in Durham.

Jack’s Prediction: I think Jack will be on here later to make his pick.